Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hitting the Road

Nick and I are hitting the road for South Carolina! We are driving the six hours (along with my MIL) for Nick's favorite cousins going away party. He is moving to Portland on Monday. His first overnight stop along the way? Our house. SO....we will go to the party in SC, then basically rush home so he has a place to stay Monday night! Works for us. We will take as much time with him as we can while he is still on this side of the US!

I will be staying with Mawmaw, who thinks the idea of a computer is ridiculous, so needless to say I will not be blogging again until we are home on Sunday. If you are just dying for some Bio Girl posts*, go ahead and check out some archives...I used to be kinda funny. In the lamest attempt of pulling together some good posts, I will now link to a post where I already did that...those posts are still worth reading, right?? I would look for new enjoyable posts, but I DON'T HAVE TIME! My MIL will be here in nine minutes and Nick isn't packed, the bed isn't made, and we have nothing together for Ellie! So...hope you all have a great weekend! I am sure we will!

*What? You could care less that I am out of town and are happy your reader will not be full of my daily ramblings?? (that stings) You have no desire to go read about my old foolishness?? I can't even hear you. I know you will miss me...I can feel it!