Friday, August 29, 2008

Starting Gate

Well, I gotta say that the month of August has flown by at an insane pace. I just knew it would drag...feel like the longest month of my life. Another month of waiting. Now that we are at the end...I gotta say that it wasn't THAT bad! I went to see Doc today for my ultrasound and blood work to see if I will be able to join the September group for IVF. The nurse managed to send me into a little bit of a panic when I arrived in the ultrasound room. I informed her that I had not had my period yet, and she said "hmmmm" *worried look on face* "Well, if your lining is really thin, we will still be able to move forward, but it needs to be REALLY thin...otherwise, we will have to cancel again" For the record, I had called and ASKED about this, and they said sometimes on Lupron girls didn't have a period and it wasn't something to worry about...

Turns out the phone call answer was the real one, at least for me. When Doc came in he told me that the Lupron will keep my estrogen so low that I may not have a period, and he isn't worried about it. He did the ultrasound and said my lining was "incredibly thin" (love those words!) and that both my ovaries looked "perfect". He said that he sees no reason for my estrogen levels to be elevated (but he said that last month too) and that we should be good to go. They will call me if the blood work comes back bad...

So, we are at the starting gate waiting for the buzzer. Hoping the phone doesn't ring this month, that we are truly ready. He bumped up my starting Folistrum dose to 300 since it is clear my body requires a little more meds than the average gal. Assuming we don't get a call today, we start stems on Monday and go back to check the progress on I just need the phone to NOT ring!


  1. I am so, so excited! I really needed to hear some good news, all this packing is flipping me out.