Sunday, August 3, 2008

Perfect Distraction

I have always loved reading, and I have always been a sucker for a book series. When I was in the sixth grade I was OBSESSED with the V.C. Andrews Flowers in the Attic series. I think that was the first true series obsession, and honestly now in hindsight those books seem a little adult for 12 years old.... Anyway, since then I have developed a serious love for series like Shopaholic, the Stephanie Plum Number series, The Left Behind series, and OF COURSE the Harry Potter series. Once I start with a good series, I will use all free time, and a great deal of sleeping time, to complete every book. Then I will commonly go back and read them again, because once it's over...I miss them a little.

With this history of series addictions, I am not exactly sure how I didn't think of this before, but what I needed was a distraction from the IVF. Honestly nothing distracts me as well as a great book. Even better if it can be a series because I am a fast reader, and I grow incredibly attached to these characters. I am not sure why it took me so long to go out and buy the Twilight series. I knew I would love it. To many people were hooked for me to question I guess it was just laziness. I am now so glad I waited. I get four uninterrupted books of these characters that I love during a time in my life when I am in real need of this great of a distraction. I finished book two, New Moon, last night. It was nearly one in the morning and it took everything in me to NOT let myself pick up Eclipse. I will be buying Breaking Dawn today...

I am not much of a book reviewer. I am so afraid that I will give things away that a reader doesn't want to know, so I will just say this. These characters are amazingly well written. From the start of the first story you care about them, about their lives and their happiness. I ache with them in heart break. I cannot fight a grin as I read about their success...their love. These are love stories, but they hold an amazing storyline. If you like series, if you like a romance and a fantasy, then go buy them. You wont regret it and you wont be able to put them down. They will provide the PERFECT distraction. They have for me! Eclipse....

**Yesterday my sister Boo was having a rough day. I told her to come over and hang out with me. She came with a bag of school work and I told her to put it away. I had a book for her to read. She pulled a book out of her bag and said she wanted to finish it first. I am a touch pushy and told her to put it away and read this. She listened (I have always been pushy...she has learned there is no point in fighting). She was hooked. She stayed until eight reading, then I got a text from her at just said "FINISHED!" We have the same series obsession...must be in our blood!**

UPDATE: I just looked at my sisters blog she wrote basically the same post at the same time with THE SAME TITLE....we are just a little creepy sometimes...


  1. Yes, that series is indeed fabulous. I am the same way about series - and so is Liz. I guess it's a family thing! Now, if you really want to be distracted and you want to read something that will take you a LOOOONNNG time, you need to start the "Outlander" series. You will get so caught up in Claire and Jamie's lives that you won't be able to think of ANYTHING else. Carole and your mom will second my recommendation.

  2. Awesome! Great idea!
    I was (oddly) obsessed w/ the Flowers In The Attic series at an extremely young age as well!! I too have looked back and wondered what twisted childhood I must of had to have been so absorbed in VC Andrews books!!

  3. Mkay I'm convinced. I'll go out and buy it cause it sounds good!

  4. I wrote down the books you recommended. I love me a good book since I have a 45 min. train ride to work :-)

  5. I am dying to get the third and fourth book but I feel like I am too drugged up to drive from my knee injury, which is maddening. Hopefully my body will be more adjusted to the meds tomorrow!!! Been trying to read another book but it is not what I want to read, y'know? UGH!!!

  6. Flowers in the Attic is the best. Have been wanting to read Twilight but was afraid I was too old for teen lit? You've convinced me otherwise.

  7. Thanks for the recommendation! They sound fantastic.

  8. I'm scared to get myself sucked into a whole series!

    I was obsessed with Flowers in the Attic and that whole series along with about every other VC Andrews book I could get my hands on AT THE VERY SAME AGE as you.

    I had a friend whole loved them as well and we even formed an alias (EB Dahl) to write our own series that was similar. Except ours wasn't very good. :)