Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Off

Well I had a wonderful day off work today...can't beat that floating Friday off! I had lunch with a friend (mmm....thai food), then ran some errands (I tried to get a trophy for our fantasy football league. I picked it all out and then she informed me it would be $50! What the hell? For a cheap ass trophy?? I laughed, then said I would have to think about it and walked out...Nick says he will make one for us!) then I came home and (sorta) picked up the house. Once things were (kinda) in order my best friend dropped off this little guy for a visit while she ran her own errands...
I couldn't believe how old he looks in this picture! He took a dozen trying to get one where he still looks like my baby (for example here, or even here!) but I got nothing. He just kept looking like a little boy. What happened?
Finally he got annoyed with the picture taking and told me he had much better plans for our time together...
the boy knows what he likes!


  1. Friday off sounds wonderful! The little fella sure is cute!

  2. I keep calling Goober my baby and he keeps retorting "I'm not a BAYBEE" at me.

    It breaks my heart.