Thursday, August 7, 2008


I have been a little distracted from my normal house upkeep these days. It's clear when you see the number of take-out containers in my trash, the piles of laundry in my hamper, and the amount of dog hair in serious need of a vacuum. I simply throw my hands up and claim "emotional overload...can't handle it right now!!" but really I am just extremely addicted to my book series (page 320 of book near the end!) When Nick got home on Tuesday he looked around and a little grin creeped over his face. He said, "Baby...that isn't the bowl from the pancakes we had before I left, right??" I sheepishly smiled back and said, "It wouldn't fit in the dishwasher!!! I TRIED!" he laughed and we sat down to watch some TV and hang out (and of course eat more take-out for dinner). After about an hour he looked at me and said "You really want to read, don't you?"....I hung my head. "Yes" He cracked up and went to play his computer game.

Last night I knew I could do better! I was going to actually make dinner, and NOT pick something up! I was going all out (As I like to do when I get around to cooking) and making fried chicken, mashed potatoes, get the picture. I was working away, thinking a touch about Edward and Bella, when...being myself, I burnt the shit out of my right forearm! I actually leaned it right onto the electric skillet. I have this two inch long burn on my arm....everyone likes a girl with scar's right? Sometimes you can't win! Should have just picked something up...


  1. Oh, Sarah... would it make you feel any better to know I hit my head on the corner of my desk today? And Friday I tripped over Tallulah and had to go to the doctor because I messed my knee up so much.

  2. OUCH! You poor thing...I bet it tasted fabulous though.

  3. OH NO! Burns are the worst. They do make for good tv though -- remember the Office episode where Michael stepped on the Foreman grill? :) Hope you're feeling better.