Sunday, August 17, 2008

Write it Down...

August 16th will forever be remembered as the day that I actually met the American Idols. That's right people, not only did I see them in concert, but I met them. I am actually pretty sure I would have been hanging out on the tour bus based on the way Chikezie was looking at my little sister if they hadn't had to hit the road at midnight for North Carolina...damn the road! I have tons of pictures, some of them downright TERRIBLE of me and my sisters (okay, sister...Missy always looks great) that I will still share with you because THERE ARE AMERICAN IDOLS IN THEM!! *HEART EXPLODES* I should tell you that we did not get to meet David Cook...I KNOW. I was so very very sad, but he has family from Kentucky (of course he we can stake some sort of claim him!) and spent the after show time with them...what a family man! Okay, now to my day in pictures...
First, it is very important to note that my perfect little sister came into town for the concert!! We have missed her so much since she moved to Tennessee, and it was great to get to spend time with her again! Here are all three of us at the show.
Now, I took pictures of all the top ten on stage, but I don't want to overwhelm you all so, I will pick out my favorites to share! Here is sweet Jason...He was absolutely adorable!
Then we have David Archuleta, who was precious in his own seventeen year old way...
But of course...the one I went to favorite, David Cook. I will tell you that during his first song I started waving like crazy, and I don't think there was anybody else waving around me...and I was in the isle...and then he grinned and gave a little wave back in my direction. THAT'S RIGHT. DAVID COOK WAVED AT ME! I don't care what you say about him maybe just waving at the audience...I saw him look at me, and you will never convince me otherwise!

The entire show was awesome. Michael Johns, Carly Smithson, Brooke White and Jason Castro were all highlights, but the Davids made the show. David Cook has an amazing stage presence and when it was over, I was nowhere near ready to go home. There is no doubt I will go see him in concert again when he will get to be the entire show...he was amazing!

So once the show was over me Boo and Missy sat down to take a look at our pictures and wait for the crowd to die down. No need to rush out just to sit in traffic, right? So we are just chillin when some lady comes up to us and asks us to move so they can start cleaning. We say no problem, then she smiles and says..."You know...they are meeting fans and signing autographs around back until midnight!" I could have hugged her! What wonderful information!! So, we ran around to the back of Rupp and waited. Soon enough they started rolling out to meet us!

First we got Kristy Lee Cook (meh...). Missy did make her laugh out loud (as seen here in the fuzzy pic) when she told her she was pretty in real life. After she walked away, we realized it might have sounded like she was not actually pretty on TV...oops....Next we got to meet Carly! Of course, I took this picture and then my camera's battery totally died. I KNOW! So I don't have pic's of all the Idols that we met. I did get it to jump start by taking the battery's out and putting them back a couple of times...but I wasn't risking it unless we were meeting someone great! This means that I have to picture of us meeting and chatting with Brooke (she is so sweet and talked all about how much she loves Kentucky) and Syesha (she lost her voice after the she just did a lot of smiling)Next we met Chikezie! Like I said, he was a fan of Missy and spend lots of time talking to us and even took his picture with us! (totally worth turning the camera back on!!) Just ignore the second chin...not my best look, BUT I AM WITH CHIKEZIE!!!

(now for the worst picture of Boo EVER. SERIOUSLY. I Look bad in this (and Missy yet again looks adorable), but Boo looks...well...crazy. She is such a good sport to still let me post this, but I must remind you to look back at a regular pic of her to see what she actually looks like...because this isn't it!)So next we got to meet Michael Johns!!! How adorable is he? I know...we distract from the picture, but still...he was so great! So sweet with his little Australian accent! ( I cannot stop laughing at this picture...every time I look at, I am sorry...)Next we met David Archaleta! The camera was really giving me trouble, but I did manage to snap a (really close) shot of him! He was also ridiculously nice considering it was midnight and he gave Missy a high five and talked to us for a minute....she loved it.Here is some proof of our made autograph acquiring skills...we got seven of the ten. Along with David Cook, Jason and Ramiele did not come out to meet the fans...sigh.and then one last look at my favorite!


  1. Oh how I love David Cook!!!!

    P.S. Sarah, I forgive you!

  2. What a great time!! Great pictures. Although Jenn does look a little...insane.

  3. I have a Google Alert for David Cook and your blog came up today. What a treat! Your pictures are great, you and your sisters are so adorable.

    I appreciate so much your not having a big fit because Cook didn't come out to meet you! I've read another blogger's posting that is just incensed because Cook didn't come out after the show in Philadelphia. Saying that fans should turn their back on Cook, since he turned his back on them. Sheesh. Never mind that he was supposed to lay down the vocals for his single the next day!

    From what I understand, Cook hasn't been coming out after the shows to sign in the last few cities. It's gotten too crazy, too many people show up and they push and shove, even without Cook there!

    Thank you for posting your fun time with your sisters! Thank you for being so happy to meet the other Idols. Chikezie is one of my favorites and he doesn't get enough attention, but looks like you helped even the score a bit. You gave me a big smile today!

  4. Your blog came up in my Google Alert - what a great write up and I love your pictures! Sounds like you had an amazing time, even though you didn't get to meet David Cook!

    Chikiezie is the only one I didn't get to meet and I would have loved to! He sounds like such a sweetheart!


  5. Looks like y'all had a blast!!

  6. Looks like fun! I went to the concert on September 10, I think. It was amazing. I can't wait for this years!