Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Anything Else

You all know what we should talk about? ANYTHING ELSE. I just... I need to move on. I know it will take time, and it isn't like it isn't a big deal to me, because...come on, this will be a big deal for a very long time, but I really NEED to talk about other things. To get back to my life and myself. So here we go!

Lets see...we could talk about how my child thinks he's Yoda. That's a good subject, right?
Mama and Henry
I would really like to say this is safer than it looks, but maybe what I should say is that it didn't FEEL as dangerous as it seems to appear now.

Or we could talk about how strict we are at our house. Any wrong move gets you 24 hours in the hole.
Henry in a basket
We are all about being hard core. Can't you tell?

Or we can talk about how awesome my sisters are. About how they got me an adorable bag and filled it with adorable clothes, just to help make me feel a little better. It worked. Really well.
Henry in a basket
Someone else also really liked the new bag. Looks like we might have a new location for "the hole".

Or we could even talk about books! I love books! I reviewed another book for Blogher Book Club! You can read what I thought of Sarah Dessen's 'What Happened to Goodbye" Here.

So that's it for now. But all of these something elses are adding up to helping everything really seem okay. Or maybe not to just seem okay, but to be okay. That's it. Everything really is going to be okay. Better than okay. It's going to be great.

BlogHer Book Club Reviewer


  1. I can totally help you talk about anything else. Especially books, I LOVE books. Have you read "The School of Essential Ingredients" by Erica Bauermeister? It's my latest read and I loved it. And your son is a crack up. Bean already likes to find random little places to crawl into (like the dog crate, we have pictures of that which I worry might look really bad for us some day. She went in there all by herself, I SWEAR!).

  2. A) I am in love with the picture of Henry being Yoda. And I like how you freely admit, eh, maybe not so safe. My kind of mom.

    B) The hole... Evie gets in Apollo's dog cage and locks herself in and once we caught her tying her feet together and trying to duct tape her mouth like she was a kidnap victim. I AM NOT JOKING. It was mildly horrifying while also managing to be somewhat amusing.

    C) I have that same Thirty-One pattern on my makeup bag! And flat iron case! And I love Thirty-One! Exclamation points!!!

  3. Your little Yoda, errr Henry, is so adorable!

    And I just got the same 31 tote in that same pattern!

    You're in my thoughts. We talked about you a lot this weekend on our girls trip with with @amandahooks and @gatheringhope.

    Sending you lots of squishy love!

  4. That first picture is totally crazy! That is one he will show his grandkids for sure. lol

    Your sisters bought your new clothes? How freaking awesome is that?! My parents have sent me flowers and cards a couple of times after we had disappointing news. It really is amazing how much it helps heal the pain a bit.

    It sounds like it is time to plan a vacation. I can't even tell you how wonderfully healing vacations are. You need the kind where you go without any plans what so ever. Like to a beach where all you plan on doing is eating, sitting in the pool, or laying on the beach. I promise it will work wonders.

    P.S. If you happen to notice the title of my latest blog post, I am not pregnant. I didn't want you to see that and think I was and then stop being my blog friend. My dogs are the pregnant ones. At least there is something fertile in my house, cause I'm sure not! lol

    Love you girl!


  5. Oh those photos are far too adorable. I mean, seriously, Henry as Yoda? How much cooler can you get!

    As for books, well they are amazing and have gotten me through some tough times. I was only thinking the other day how I read the Twilight Saga this time last year during our relocation and then I read The Host (which, incidentally, I loved way more than Twilight. I'm just saying!) one night when I had a major panic attack (first one ever) due to family issues and our wedding. The only problem is that after reading a really amazing book I am scared to read another in case it is disappointing. And I often take forever to read a major bestseller (like Twilight) because I am scared that the hype was too much and it won't be as good as everyone says it is. It hasn't happened yet but I still haven't learnt to trust others and actually go out and read these books as and when I first hear of them! So keep the book reviews coming, but don't be surprised if I take forever to actually go out and get a copy ;)

  6. Henry is ADORABLE! Love the Yoda pic and I don't even know who Yoda is (am I dead to YOU?)

  7. Love that picture! Also, nothing better than some sister love!

  8. Hello fellow blogger and twitter! Happy to find you here!

  9. Here from LFCA - just to say that we, too, may be in a similar situation someday. We have a child via IVF (because of my stage 4 endo) and one embryo left, so I think often about what it would be like if our eventual FET doesn't work. I'm glad you're doing okay.

    And also, the Yoda photo rocks.