Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I am a little over emotional these days.  I don't think it would be fair to blame it on being a full 24 hours pregnant.  I mean, it COULD be that, but I did start crying during a preview for the final Harry Potter movie on Saturday, which was a good 48 hours before the transfer, so I am going to blame it on all the hormones.  That HAS to be it.  For sure.  It can't be that just my love of the boy wizard moved me to tears in a movie theater.  With a preview I had ALREADY SEEN.

I just got off the phone with Henry.  He has been with my parents since Sunday night, and for some reason as soon has I heard his voice I started to cry.  It isn't the longest I have been away from him, but he did spend two nights with Nick's mom a few days ago, so he has been gone a lot in the last week.  He was going to stay with my mom until later in the evening, but they are on their way here now instead. I can't wait to see my sweet boy.  It's just been two days, but it has been a big two days and it feels like a lot has happened.  It feels like he may have grown.  It feels like I need to see him.  To hug him.  To tell him what an amazing miracle he truly is.  He is my baby.  Maybe my one and only, maybe my oldest child.  Eight days from today we will know about this cycle, but for today I am ready to have my sweet Henry home.  My heart is aching for him.  And for our maybe babies too.

These parenting emotions.  Sometimes they are more than I can handle. Especially when on all these infertility medications.


  1. Aww! Such a sweet post and beautifully describes emotions I know as well. Thinking of you and sending love and best wishes :) xx

  2. What you are feeling is probably the culmination of so many things: hormones, this being your last shot at having another baby, being away from Henry, etc. There is a lot of strong stuff brewing in that pot right now.

    When you get Henry back home, just bask in his sweet glow. There is no medicine like loving on our children.

  3. I think if you weren't feeling emotional with all the thoughts running through your head and all the hopes held in your heart right now, then that would be much harder to understand! Hormones make us a little bit crazy at the best of times, but with all you're going through right now you're bound to feel emotional! Enjoy having your sweet boy home with you xx

    p.s. I cried at a clip of dogs "dancing" with their owners on tv just days into my pregnancy and I hadn't had to deal with the same uncertainty as you, so I think blaming the hormones is wise!!

  4. EMOTIONAL, I know! I also think that tomorrow is a full moon as well as with a lunar eclipse! Does that count for anything? I have 6 days before my test, and I feel like I am going crazy.

    Even through all of these emotions, it's so wonderful that you have your little Henry. A blessing. Sticky vibes and good luck to you.