Thursday, June 16, 2011

A To Do List (for you...)

Well, here we are. 3dp5dt (three days past a five day transfer). Sorta in no mans land. Too early to really start looking for symptoms, although it hasn't stopped me from trying. Six days from my beta, which at this point sorta feels like a lifetime. I loved my five days off, but am officially back to work today. I think that will help time move a little faster. I begin my new job on Monday, so that's sorta exciting!

Anyway, there isn't much to say about the transfer and current wait except that I a hopeful. More hopeful than I expected to be. I spent so long worrying about either embryo surviving that I never thought about the fact that they both might make it. As soon as we heard they were both there, ready for transfer, I got more excited than I meant to let myself get. I am trying to stay guarded from this cycle, by there is no doubt about it, the hope has been let in the door.

ANYWAY, I keep not getting around to my POINT of the post. A TO DO LIST! So I have enjoyed some stuff lately, and I want to share it with you! And by share I mean force you to follow suit and do these things too, so we can discuss them! Here we go.

Bio Girl Reader To Do List

1 Super 8- You all, this movie, I loved it SO MUCH. The group of friends, they are wonderful. They constantly reminded me of Nick's group of guys that have been friends since elementary school. Who also made a movie, which is hilarious. The kids, the dads, the entire setting, I loved it all. It was a little scarier than I expected, but completely in a good way. Go see it. You will enjoy it! (but there is some sci-fy to it...I don't mean to imply it is a comping of age story about a group of boys. I mean, it IS kinda that, but with something super creepy included.)
2. Divergent by Veronica Roth- I read this book mainly (okay, totally) because Miss Zoot told me to. And I listen to Zoot, because our taste in things like books and movies are alarmingly similar. She was 100% right about this book. I loved it. Maybe close to as much as I loved the Hunger Games. I can't wait to reread it (because I am a big rereading nerd). It's all Distopian society with division of houses based on personalities worked in. I killed this book in less than 48 hours and can't wait for the next one to come out. You should read it!
3. The Voice- (but only when watching it on DVR). I am seriously enjoying The Voice. But it takes me about 45 minutes to watch a two hour episode. All the TALKING...It's just...MOVE ALONG. But the singing, some of these people are amazing. AMAZING. I was really worried about Team Blake after the battle rounds, because...well...they sucked it up, but then last week happened and they were all incredible! I sorta think he DOES have the strongest team. Anyway, watch it.

4. Chalk- Henry got chalk for his birthday so on Sunday he and I went out to play on the driveway with it. He lost interest rather quickly, but not me! I drew rainbows and balloons, the entire alphabet and the little green dudes from Toy Story. It was enjoyable. So buy some chalk, then steal it from your kids and play with it. You will have fun.

(I tried to get him to lay down by the balloons like I have seen on several other blogs and it is SO CUTE. But he was all like, "Hell to the No, Mama." And I was like, "Henry! Don't say Hell." )

5. Read my newest Blogher Book Club review for Getting to Happy (but then maybe don't read the book...unless you want to, then totally read it)- Did you believe me when I said I would be honest about a book and tell you if I didn't like it? Well... I have proven it, because my latest review was a thumbs down. You can read it here. It does have spoilers, but they are clearly marked in the review.

BlogHer Book Club Reviewer

So I guess that's it. A list of things for you all to do between now and my beta next Wednesday. Now I just need you to give ME a list of things to do to help the time pass. Just six more days...


  1. I had to bribe Wesley with ice cream to get him to pose with the balloons I drew. Heh. I'm going to do butterfly wings for Nyoka, she'll be more cooperative! :)

  2. thanks for the kind words on my blog. I really, really appreciate it. I'm crossing my fingers for this cycle for you.

  3. With you on this cycle... and hope both our good news are just around the corner :)) Love to you always xoxo