Friday, June 3, 2011

When Mama's Away...

I went out of town for a night last weekend. Just one little night. On they way home, a little before 6pm, I get a call from Nick. Henry has passed out asleep. This is...unheard of. I cannot think of a time in the child's life he has fallen asleep before 6pm. Or before 8pm if I am being honest. And before 9pm is pretty stinking rare. So I ask what they did today, and Nick says they didn't really do anything. He was just tired. When I got home I started looking through our camera to see any pictures they took this weekend, and I found this video

Nick informed me that it was rather hard to hit him with the pillow while holding the camera. These boys... (and you all, the fit of giggles that comes out of my child when he watches this video. He thinks this thing is HILARIOUS!)

So is there really any surprise that a couple of hours later Nick walked out of the living room, came back a minute later and found this...
Passed out
Sound asleep.
Passed out
Partying hard for Memorial Day

"Come on Mama. You know it's gotta be exhausting being this adorable."


  1. He is just the cutest!!!!! Hope he passes out early for you some night soon.


  2. hahahah!!! giggling myself!!!

  3. Gorgeous photos :)) Boys will be boys :) Thinking of you always xoxo