Friday, June 10, 2011

Five Day Weekend

I cannot stop looking at the clock. I check the time, scan around at my work to be done (decide to not do it), check my email, and then quickly look at the clock again. Hoping that all my looking around has managed to eat up approximately four hours and it is FINALLY time to go home! Apparently, time refuses to work that way. Looking around continues to take about three minutes. (If you all would be up to emailing me or possibly commenting on my posts I could TOTALLY kill more time with the email step. Just sayin')

A five o'clock today I will walk out of work and not be back until next Thursday. THURSDAY you all. That's five entire days of me time. And like, not crap me time full of stuff that has to be done, but actual honest to god ME TIME. Where I will mostly do exactly what I want, laying around on the couch trying to be extremely zen and nurturing for my embryos that will be coming on board Monday. Between now and Monday I have awesome days planned full of Super 8, lunch with family, birthday celebrations for my dad and Missy, pool time with my boy and all around laziness.

Monday at 8:45 I will head in for the transfer, and I am still nervous about that. Nervous about the thaw mainly at this point, but I am ready. So so ready. And although I know two days off isn't really necessary for a transfer, I am choosing to take them just the same. Two days to relax and know that I am doing everything I can. Wednesday will be back to normal, but since it's always my day off it will extend my time to a full on five day weekend. It will be awesome. And nerve wracking. But mostly awesome.

Now I just need five o'clock to get here. Tick tock.


  1. I'll help you kill some time here by commenting. *wink, wink* I hope you have a fabulous weekend free from worries and that your transfer goes smooth as silk on Monday!

  2. ok, too lazy to figure out what time zone you're in and if it's five o'clock already but sending you a comment anyway... Enjoy your 5-day weekend (we have a three-day weekend here because Whit Monday is a public holiday) and my fingers are crossed for a great transfer on Monday!

  3. Good luck on Monday! Fingers crossed for two sticky embryos!
    I'm in the same boat...second FET in July for baby #2.

  4. Enjoy your long weekend! Good luck on Monday! Fingers crossed!

  5. I hope all goes well for you on Monday!

  6. Oh I do hope your 5 day weekend is going well and you've enjoying a bit of "you" time before the FET. I think you're 5 hours behind the UK aren't you? Hope so, as I'll be sending plenty of love your way in just over 3 hours time! (I'm sending love all day and all week for those little embryos of yours, but will especially think positive thoughts around the time of your transfer). xx