Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Blogher Book Club

BlogHer Book Club Reviewer

Do you all remember my New Years Resolutions? No? Come on now guys. I set myself five little goals for 2011. Some of them I am doing better on that others, but one I am really rather proud of is my goal read 24 books by the end of the year. So far I have read ten, which is right on track for my two book a month goal. Pretty good, right? Okay, ten books isn't really that many, but it's on track with my GOAL, and my GOAL is what matters to me. See how I didn't set the bar too high just to be disappointed? I am a girl who knows how to make a resolution!

Anyway, in order to help myself reach my goal, and as a way to find new an interesting books that I otherwise would never have known about, I have joined the Blogher Book Club! I have always wanted to be apart of a book club, so when I got the email asking if I wanted to participate it felt like it was perfect. Especially since they send me the book, that way I don't have to hunt it down myself. My first book to read and review was 'A Discovery of Witches' By Deborah Harkness. I wasn't sure how I felt about jumping into another witch and vampire story, but I so enjoyed it! You can click over here and read my full review of the book. You may not be surprised to hear I did manage to mention both Twilight and Harry Potter in this review. I am a girl who knows what she likes. And likes to talk about it.

From now on I will most likely just stick this little badge on the end of a normal post to let you know I have a new review up, but for for this first one I wanted to let you know what it means. I joined a book club. I am writing reviews of books. It feels different that blogging about my random life, but I am enjoying it! So click on over and read about 'A Discovery of Witches'!

*A little bit of full disclosure, I am being paid for these book reviews. Just a heads up on that fact. But I of course will still be voicing my own opinion on the books, be it positive or negative. I am not one to suggest you read a book if I didn't enjoy it. So don't worry your pretty little selves that I would be bought out by the man. Just forget I even mentioned it. *These are not the droids you are looking for*

*Doesn't that disclosure sound super professional. Maybe like a lawyer wrote it? That's what I thought. Man, I am good with words. I can't believe it has taken people this long to start paying me for them.

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  1. So glad you are doing book reviews! And isn't it NICE to actually get paid for your writing? There is so much I like about this post, but my favorite is the droids quote. We use that all the freakin' time. Used it just the other night when watching a tv show. We are so much alike.