Thursday, January 1, 2009

18 Weeks (Happy New Year!!!) with Belly Pic's

Well happy 2009 everyone! I have some cute pictures from New Years Eve I will try to get posted tomorrow, but for today, it's THURSDAY! Another week pregnant! Eighteen to be exact. Amazing but true. This is a big one because between now and next Thursday we get the BIG ultrasound! When I attempt to share this excitement with people they all say, "Oooooo, can you find out what it is??" and I say, "Yes, but we decided to wait." and then they say, "Oh...whatever. Who cares about your stupid ultrasound then...." and then I SAY, "I get to SEE my BABY!". And they say, "Meh...". Whatever. I don't care if OTHER people aren't excited. Nick and I are seriously pumped. CANNOT WAIT for Tuesday!

So, 18 weeks. The baby is doing really great (apparently. This will be confirmed with the BIG ultrasound!) He/she is currently five and a half inches long, which is about the size of a baked potato. They weigh a little over five ounces and can now make facial expressions like frowning. Adorable little baby frowns!

As for me...much of the same. Still feel pretty great. I am having a little heart burn creep in, which is a touch of annoying but nothing terrible. My lower back has been hurting, but I am still working that out with the heating pad. All in all I feel great! I have been feeling what I am 99.9% sure is the baby moving around since Christmas. He/she was really active last night!..or my digestive system was...but I REALLY think it is the baby! That's about it. Just rolling along and excited to see the new pictures of sweet Baby C! Now for the last belly pic's taken in 2008Shirt down, not that big of a deal. Shirt up...the belly is back from last week.


  1. Love the belly pics! You should be excited to see ur baby, I know I would be bursting with excitement. Good luck with the scan and enjoy!

  2. Happy New Year! You look great!

  3. You should talk to your doctor about the heart burn. I had it so bad I would get sick. The doctor gave me a safe pill to help me with it. It is just a thought in case the heart burn gets worse. I think that baby is growing so big. I am happy you get to see your baby soon.

  4. Look at how CUTE you are in your maternity jeans. You are totally in the cute, definitely-obvious-she's-pregnant stage that is still comfortable and doesn't make you feel like you might topple forward if you dared to put on heels. Stylin' jeans by the way - nice choice. :) Can't wait to see more recent pics of Baby C!