Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Plan

Remember how I told you in that last post that moving the computer was one of the biggest things we had to do for the nursery? isn't anymore. Yesterday morning our plan was to maybe paint, but we sorta liked the color in there. We were going to, you know, buy a crib and what not. We had some really cute bedding picked out online (the ONLY thing we have done to get ready for baby*) and that was going to be that. WE needed to register, and start actually buying baby products, but I had no worries.

Yesterday afternoon Nick's mom and aunt came over. We were discussing the nursery and they asked if we could take down the paneling in the room. Did I mention that the nursery is wood paneled? Well it is. We painted it a few years ago and it looked about a million times better and we have been happy with it since. We tell them we aren't planning on changing anything, and they really push for a change of color. A change of color I can handle. I have actually been thinking about that myself.

Nick wasn't so interested in the change of color. What he was interested in was the question about the paneling. It got his mind rolling. If he took down the top half of the panel, he could re-insulate the entire room...AND he could rewire it. Something that is a pretty good idea considering out house is old and none of our outlets are grounded. Not exactly safe. He could just, you know, cut down half the wall, get a bunch of work done, build new walls, and then we can paint whatever color I want. So...half of me is pretty excited. I really think the room will look a ton better with the chair rail separating paneling on the bottom and drywall on the top. I like the idea of painting. I know he can do it. It's just....that it sounds like A LOT of work. Work that MUST be done in the next 10-15 weeks! Because we are HAVING A BABY! And for the first time, that seems real. And soon. And the fact that we have done NOTHING to get ready is sorta freaking me out. Almost as much as the idea of taking a circular saw to my walls...

*With the new room plan, my mind is rolling and I am thinking about starting the Nursery search over again. The one we picked is still at the top of the list, but maybe I should look around a little more...20 weeks is plenty of time to do all this, right?? RIGHT??


  1. Right! Plenty of time. Nick is great at home improvement and he seems very motivated! It will all work out. When you come home with the baby if every last detail is finished you'll still have time. Baby C might sleep in your room in a bassinet for a little while. It will all be ok. As soon as you start having showers you will be getting lots of stuff so it's good you haven't bought much yet! When it's your first baby you get pretty much everything you need as gifts!! Deep breath!!

  2. Nothing like jumping in with both feet. :) We have just started the whole nursery search ourselves. There are no circular saws in my future sounds like your hubby is much more handyman-inclined than mine.

  3. Oh my hope that everything goes smoothly with the reno's. I didn't even have cribs for my twins until about 2 weeks before we had them as I couldn't decide about anything!

  4. Okay, I'm *almost* 7 weeks along & a big change like that would make me nervous!

    I can understand it will be nice to have the electric stuff right, but sounds really stressful. I'm weird like that, though. In a weekend or two, Nick & I will start clearing out the baby room for the slowly accumulating pile(s) of baby stuff coming in.

    I'm sure it will be enough time if it's down timely. Like, a little bit each day! :)

  5. Friend! It will all come together in perfect timing, no worries. I can't wait to see the before and after pix. Your husband is quite handy!

  6. WHOA! Good thing Nick is Handy Manny!

  7. Gosh that's a BIG job but it does sound so worth it - and if you have such a "handy manny" hehe I love that ;o) as Nick then you'll be fine and it'll all work out perfectly, I'm sure!