Thursday, January 15, 2009

20 Weeks (also known as HALF WAY!!)

Twenty weeks people. Twenty weeks out of FORTY! That means half of this pregnancy is behind us. What I can only assume is the easy half because it can't get much better than the last twenty weeks...except in twenty more weeks we get to bring home a baby! So so excited...

So remember how last week I was all like, there is NOTHING new to tell you about the baby except he/she is growing? Yeah. Apparently that was a lie. I still have stuff! Like now the baby is the size of a squash! And also this week the baby started to grow hair on his or her head and his/her eyebrows and what not. Adorable! The baby sleeps as much as a newborn these days and even has a favorite sleeping position. Precious sleeping baby. Google also says the baby can now hear, but I swear it told me that a couple weeks ago. Still, now the baby can REALLY hear and will cover it's ears or jump if there is a really loud noise!

As for me I am still doing good. I have started sleeping with a pillow between my knees which is really helping the back aches. I am sure you picked up in the last post that I am having no troubles with eating, so that's always good. I was swelling a lot early in the pregnancy, but that seems to be going away. I can wear my wedding rings all the time again, and that is really exciting for me. I think I might be a touch emotional, or maybe I am just nesting a little. I have all of a sudden wanted to start working on baby NOW. I know we still have twenty weeks, but all of a sudden getting everything ready seems EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Nick has been great and when I look at him and say, "I want to go to Babies R NOW." He just smiles and grabs his coat. He is good with his crazy wife. Still, it is fun to look for everything for our sweet baby and we are really loving every second.

And now for a couple of 20 week belly shots!
Shirt down. When I saw my dad I told him I thought this shirt made me look really pregnant. He looked at me and said, "No...I think that belly makes you look really pregnant!"
Shirt up...I think dad might have a point!

The new pic is up on the Belly Shots postso you can check outthe changes from week five to week twenty!


  1. When I was pregnant with Evie, I was working at CLS and was in charge of distributing the mail and I had to use this automatic time stamp thing... I swear it sounded like a gun going off every time I used it. Poor thing would almost jump out of my belly with the first few stamps every day. Seriously, you could see my belly move. I almost felt bad for her!

  2. This sentence, "Like now the baby is the size of a squash!" made me laugh so hard. haha.

  3. It looks like the belly has almost touched the shelf. Go bowling and see what happens. I did that and boy did my little one jump with the ball hit the floor.

  4. Congrats on halfway! He's right, it's the belly that makes you look pregnant!