Thursday, January 22, 2009

21 Weeks

Well the baby is now ten and a half inches long, which according to my handy resources is the size of a carrot...although I don't know anybody except my friend Arielle who still buys the big carrots rather than the baby carrots (And the baby is a hell of a lot bigger than a baby carrot these days!) so I am not sure how much good that does you. Still, I assume you can picture a real carrot, so that will do. I am not sure why my first reaction was that NOBODY knows what that looks like...I am an idiot. Back to the also said the baby weights around twelve ounces! That is 3/4 a pound! He or she is now sucking his/her thumb and totally practicing blinking. Good to know. It also said to start watching for movement on my stomach (and to take a bath and it will be all Jurassic Park like...), which I am excited to actually see, but also a little creeped out by...we will see how it goes.

Not to sound like I always sound, but I feel pretty great! I am peeing a lot, but I assume that is pretty normal. I am sleeping really well now that I have the pillow deal worked out and am all around a pretty happy pregnant person. I have yet to have someone actually comment on me being pregnant (like a stranger...) but I did get a look at Target the other day that was like, " Is she?? No...I am not going to ask..." and yet she kept looking at my belly. I must have really puzzled her, but if I wasn't pregnant it would have REALLY freaked me out... the belly pics!
Shirt downAnd the 21 week belly!


  1. You look great!

    I buy the big carrots too, Cory insists they taste better:) I chop up the remainder of whatever is left over after whatever recipe needs are met, in large dipping pieces for Cory's lunch (men can't use baby carrots for dipping according to him). I also do this with celery!

  2. You look great! Happy 21 weeks!

  3. yay for another person who buys big carrots! Sarah, you look fabulous! I went to baby shower and thought of you, I can't wait to start getting baby stuff for you!

  4. Everything looks great. You will love it when they baby starts to move around.

  5. When the baby starts to move and you can see it a lot (like maye 30 weeks) - re-read the the part with Bella being pregnant from Breaking Dawn. Talk about freaky.....OMG! Scared the be-jeezies out of me!!!!

  6. Wow - you seem to have grown far more in the last week than in any other week previous - or is it just my imagination? You are looking so good!!

    Btw we buy the big carrots 'cos they're cheaper lol but we prefer the smaller ones

  7. Your belly is so cute!

    Okay my 21 week this week isn't so cute. ack!