Thursday, January 8, 2009

19 Weeks with Belly Pics

I think I am going to stop saying the weeks include belly pics, because these days, they all do. By the time I am done with the pregnancy the Belly Shots post is going to be seriously long! So lets see....I am now 19 weeks pregnant. Sounds crazy, but even more crazy is that on Tuesday we got that ultrasound and saw a honest and true BABY! Looking at those pictures, it is hard to believe that my body could ever produce that baby, much less do so in 19 little weeks!

So as for the sweet Baby C, according to google he/she is 5-6 inches from head to butt and is seven ounces. The problem with this is that we learned at the ultrasound that our sweet baby is already up to nine ounces! Nothing like being ahead of the curve...but also a little scary to think of how big this baby might end up being...and 21 weeks or so we gotta get him or her OUT. Yeah...not going to think about that. For now I am just thrilled that we have an extra two ounces of baby to love! The baby is fully developed now and just needs to spend the next 21 weeks fattening up, so these little updates are going to have to get a little shorter...or a lot more creative!

As for me, I am still great! ( I feel so repetitive). I feel wonderful and am just glowing over our sweet pictures. All in all it has been a great pregnancy week! Now, for some new belly shots...

Shirt down...

Shirt up! Shirt up looks a lot like Shut up...also, I have no idea why I look smaller some weeks and bigger others. I am sure it has something to do with clothes and what I eat and all that jazz...still, this is a small week. You totally can't see those extra two baby ounces!


  1. Believe me, you will NEVER get over the fact that you made a baby. It STILL amazes me that I created two human beings.

    OK. Tom helped some. But still.

  2. You look wonderful.... I think 9 ounces are fine... I had my ultrasound today ... I am two weeks behind you and the babies are measuring 7-8 ounces...

  3. Your belly looks great. It looks like the tummy is almost going to touch that shelf. When you start getting closer and your belly drops that will look a little different in pictures maybe. My tummy did look lower towards the end.

  4. you look great! i think when i was pregnant i always look bloated.

  5. You look great! Enjoy the rest of your PG!

  6. Oh I so love the belly shots :o) And how very exciting to see the baby and how amazingly tiny yet fully formed he/she is! I also think it is so cool you are waiting til the birth to find out the gender!