Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Recap

Well you all are super handy when it comes to cat advice! I thought the cats may have moved on from our yard, but then we were woken up again this morning. I called the Humane Society, but they said that nobody in our city actually picks up stray cats. If I want to take them to the pound, I have to do it myself. We have a no-kill pound, so I didn't feel bad having them picked up, but I am sure as hell not setting traps myself! I think I will go to the pet store to see if they have the stuff to spray in our yard. Sounds like the easiest solution as long as it wont bother Ellie. Sammie is a totally in-door cat, so he should be fine. Anyway, I am now on it, and will have a solution to the cat mating/breeding/loitering really soon!

In other weekend news I did manage to exchange my jeans! I went back to Motherhood, but apparently managers don't work weekends or evenings in that place. My sister and I went over to Macy's because they carry the same brand, and it was absolutely no problem to do the exchange. Easy as it should have been from the beginning!

As for the rest of the weekend, we spent it working on the nursery. And of course by "we" I mean Nick did a lot of work and I held the flashlight or the screws or whatever. Nick did nearly break his leg when he fell half out of the attic. That was really scary...and sort awful in that "you know it is wrong to laugh but his legs are totally hanging out of the attic and since I can hear that he is totally alive, HOW is that not just a LITTLE funny" sorta way. I waited to laugh until he was ready to laugh as well...I am a good wife like that. He has a nasty bruise on his leg, but he was a-ok. Good thing because I never could have gotten him down and would have had to call 911. The drywall is nearly all up thanks to some help from our family. I was all like, "I can help!" but then they were all like, "PLEASE! You are pregnant!" and I was secretly like "yesssssss...." in my head. this pregnancy is really paying off!


  1. Happy to hear the cats may be one there way out. Poor Nick but it does sound kind of funny. Can't wait to see pictures of the baby's room.

  2. Poor Nick! And I was SOOOO the same way. I remember picking out colors for the nursery and having everyone be like "nooo, you go sit down - WE'LL paint!" and I was like "Hmm, wellll, okifyouinsist."

    Then I had to get up and paint anyway because I'm the best painter in the family and I didn't trust hubby's skills. Oh well!