Friday, January 16, 2009

Yeah, That's Officially Cold...

It's cold here. I think it is sorta cold everywhere right now, but for here, it is REALLY cold. So cold that they actually canceled schools today. We have no snow, they just called it off because they didn't want the little kiddos at the bus stop with a negative eight degree wind chill. Honestly I thought it was a little crazy. I mean, sure its cold, but is it THAT cold? Call off school cold? My doubts went up when I got up this morning and walked outside. I was well bundled but it didn't seem THAT bad. It was cold mind you, but it was a beautiful day. I look around and think those school people were insane. When I was little we TOTALLY would have school.

I get into my car and notice it says it's one degree. Okay, that is cold. And it is already nine in the morning. I am sure it was much colder at bus stop time....I decide maybe it is sorta super cold as I head to work. When I am about a street away a truck pulls out in front of me. Super annoying. I slam on my breaks and my glass of chocolate milk (what? Doesn't everyone drink a large glass of chocolate milk on the way to work?) spills onto the shifter thing and into the cup holder. I get annoyed. I have milk issues and the idea of it spilling in my car is just to much (I know I must get over this when the baby starts walking around with a milk filled bottle...I will work on it). I have nothing in the car to clean it with so I have to wait until I get to work. I am less that a minute way. When I throw the car into park to run in and grab a rag I notice it. The's frozen. Yeah, it FROZE right were it spilled! Like even the little splatters. SOLID ICE. So now I must admit that it is officially crazy cold around here!

For the record, you might think it is easier to clean spilled frozen milk, but let me tell you that it is NOT. For one thing, you have to chip it away from the plastic. Also, when you go to get a hot rag it will stick to anything metal that it comes in contact with. You will want to get EVERY LAST DROP of the milk (issues, remember) but it will flake way and drop down into little cracks you can't reach! Then you will have to think about when it gets warm again and those ice milk flakes thaw. It will bother you. Trust me. Maybe I will not take milk to work again until it warms up a little...


  1. Officailly? Really?

    Seriously, though, I was surprised they called off school too until I read in the paper that with the temperature + the wind chill factor? Your skin can freeze in 10 MINUTES.

  2. Betcha it's colder here! :)

    Congrats on passing the 20 week mark! You look great!

  3. Ugh milk! Yuck! In high school I once spilled a huge glass of country style orange juice in my truck. Country. Style. And it was hot out and I was on my way to school so there was nothing that I could do until after school. When it was sticky and stinky!

    I sure hope spring comes soon!!

  4. Oh no! I know this was traumatic, but it's a pretty funny story :)

  5. Please tell me that it was Carnation Instant Breakfast choco milk, because my bf thinks I am the only person in the world who puts that in a travel mug and drinks it in the car!