Friday, January 9, 2009

New Desk

Well, it is our long term (not that long term 20 weeks!) plan to transform the current office into an adorable nursery. This has been the plan since we first started talking about having a baby. Since finding out I am pregnant, we have done absolutely nothing to make this transition occur, that is, until last weekend!

The actual room hasn't had that many changes execpt the removal of the computer. This might not sound like a huge first step, but trust me, it was some work. Our house is small. Adorable but small. This means the actual options of new desk locations are limited. Nick, being a thinker, decided to put in a built in desk when he remodeled our room. It has been the little place I sit and put on makeup for a year now. This past weekend Nick worked his ass off running cable and electrical into the desk, and building two additional shelves so that it was an actual functioning desk which could take the place of the old office. I tell you, I am a lucky girl with my Jack-of-all-Trades husband...Anyway, here is a before pic...
and an after picture!
Pretty good, right?? He amazes me sometimes. Now, I will say I wasn't sure how I felt about the computer being in our actual room. We had no other great options, but still...was it going to be annoying?? Now that it is here, I have learned that it is a dream come true. Why, you ask. Well, you know that wonderful invention Netflix? Yeah. You know how you can watch like movies and TV shows online? Yeah. I have now discovered that I can LAY IN BED AND WATCH ENDLESS MOVIES AND SHOWS ALL DAY. I never really need to leave this room again...just bring me food.


  1. He is very talented! Looks great!

  2. Netflix, sleeping pants and food. Could life BE any better?

  3. WHOA - Nick has some major talent! What a sweet hubby. It looks GREAT!

  4. He did do a good job! It looks great! We used to have a TV in our bedroom but when we moved there was no more room. Oh how I miss it... :)

  5. Great desk! Gotta love a handy hubby!