Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So I am beginning to notice some cravings...or at least things that I REALLY want that I am now allowed to blame on the pregnancy. Either way works for me. Still, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the new obsessions/cravings with you all. A cop-out post that is pointless and nobody cares about? What? NEVER. Okay, fine. I will add pictures...just to show you that I actually worked a little on this post....and because I like to SEE my favorite things...

Crush Soda- Did you all know that Crush is caffeine free? Yeah. It is. Sunkist isn't but Crush is. It was like a match made in pregnancy heaven. I declared at work yesterday that it was the greatest fact EVER and that I could now drink seven Crush sodas a day! Justin pointed out that seven might be a little excessive, even if they are caffeine free....whatever.

Firehouse Subs-Have you all had one of these subs??? OH. MY. LORD. They are heaven. HEAVEN I tell you! I had them for the first time last week. What? So what if I have only had them once...and I was pregnant...and STARVING...you can still take the recommendation!! Ever since I have wanted nothing (NOTHING) but another Firehouse sub. We are going there again tomorrow. I cannot wait...

Smarties- Oh sweet, sweet smarties. My work keeps this candy basket up at the front for...well...maybe for clients...but I figure it is also for employees when we are working really hard and, you know, walking to the printer. Anyway, it is full of things like starbursts and jolly ranchers. Then, one magical day SMARTIES showed up in the basket. Oh how my heart filled with joy! Today I had to really dig to find any smarties, but there were a few more packs hidden. Not sure what I am going to do tomorrow...it will be a long Smartie-less day...

Salads- Oh yes. This one is still hanging around. This is my longest running craving. Yes, hard to believer but LONGER than the one week obsession with the Firehouse. Not much to say except I love Salad. Just don't put to many nasty veggies on it and make sure to double the dressing. Yum.

Gravy and Biscuits- Ah, my favorite food. Yes, this is my favorite food. And I love it so much that last night I actually had a dream about it. It's true. Some may dream of Brad Pitt or Millions of dollars. I dream of Gravy and Biscuits. It was such a good dream....

And that's it my friends. I am sure I have other things, but this stupid cop-out post turned out to be a lot of work what with the pictures! Also, apparently there is not an appetizing picture of Gravy and biscuits on the entire Internet. How sad for my favorite food....and a final also, do ya like how the pics are totally all different sizes? Yeah, me too. I am so talented.


  1. Fanta is also caffeine-free!!! Very cute post. Now I want some biscuits and gravy, though. :D

  2. OH orange Crush was definitely one of mine too. It popped up right after I had to go drink the orange fizzy drink at the OBs to see if I had diabetes or not. Did yours start then too?

  3. Thanks for this post because now I am starving..........
    I think the firehouse sub and crush thing started on the same day(ultrasound say)
    Got to go eat..............

  4. I had really bad cravings for Smarties when I was pregnant, too! How funny. I had a sweet co-worker who would keep the candy jar fully stocked.

  5. Got to love those cravings. I did when I was PG. I loved strawberry shakes and fries.

  6. I didn't know Sunkist has caffeine! For some reason I just assumed it didn't. No wonder hubby couldn't sleep when he was drinking it all the time! Thanks for the info!

  7. Mine are sprite and ice cream (not together). Also, your 'Smarties' are called 'Rockets' in Canada. I LOVE those.