Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Storm 2009

Yeah, this is my second post today. I know I am not a multi-post-per-day blogger, but tomorrow is Thursday, and you all know what happens around here on Thursdays! What? You don't know? I move up another notch on the pregnancy calender of course! Anyway, I knew if I waited to post the ice storm pic's I would forget about them and then too long would pass and I would totally drop it. So here are a couple cool pics from our front yard!

See what I mean about it being beautiful?Every branch on every tree in the state basically looks like this. Actually lots are way worse. We are lucky enough to hold on to our power, but apparently there are 400,000 going without in Kentucky, including 100,000 in our city. If you wonder why all the power goes out, imagine how much all this ice weighs. These trees over my neighbors house usually stand straight up...I hope everyone gets their power back soon and is able to get back to normal life! As for me and Nick, we are settling in for the night and staying off the ice!

Also, I wanted to let you all know that my first review is up over on Chic Shopper Chick! Go take a look if you have time!


  1. I'm sooooo boreddddddd.........the trees are pretty though. Gunnar enjoyed playing with Ripkin today. I need to do something tomorrow.

  2. Wow it is pretty. We had some ice a few days ago. But I hope those trees hold up. Stay safe.

  3. I went and read your review. You did a great job. You did not feel silly wearing? What happens if a baby spits up a lot does it soak through?

  4. I just read an article stating the some people will have to wait til mid February until their power comes back. I hope people are staying warm and safe down there!