Thursday, October 9, 2008

6 Weeks

And just like that I am six weeks pregnant. Amazing, right? It is to me. That is like, half way done with the first trimester. Now I know what you all are saying, I didn't actually know I was pregnant until I was four weeks, so it isn't really like I was pregnant the entire time, but I disagree. The IVF made me hyper-aware of EVERY SINGLE DAY of the last six weeks, and so I am claiming them all as time vested. Four weeks of obsessing over if I would be pregnant, and then two weeks trying to convince myself that this is all real.

I have been thinking (obsessively) about the possibility of symptoms. I am pretty sure I don't really have any. I mean, I am TIRED. But I have been tired before I was "pregnant" so I can't really say for sure that it is only pregnancy induced. It could be the fall coming on. I always like naps in the fall. Then I thought about telling you all about how yesterday my stomach Like queasy. Uncomfortable. Kinda like I was going to be sick. Now, I WASN'T sick. No, it all passed. Mainly it passed when I went home and ate half a jar of bread and butter pickles. It is the second jar I have finished...this week, but THAT isn't weird. I mean, I have always really loved me some bread and butter pickles. Sure, I don't usually sit around and eat them, especially not to settle my stomach, but it sounded like it would work, and it did! (then a little while later my stomach was REALLY queasy, but I mean, COME ON, I ate half a jar of pickles, what did I expect?? I cannot even begin to call THAT a pregnancy symptom). So, that's it. No symptoms at all. Just six weeks pregnant and PERFECTLY NORMAL.

Funny how as I struggled with infertility I searched for ANY sign I might possibly be pregnant, and now that I am I am so quick to shoot down all signs. Explain them away. I think it is fear. Fear of losing all of this, because i have never been so happy about something before in my entire life. Hello week six. I am so happy to meet you!


  1. Absolutely counting IVF as part of the pregnancy timeline is right on. (Although if you think about it, counting bcps, that'll turn our pregancies into 11-month long ones.)

    I love pickles and have noticed an increase in eating them lately. But only if I can have a big glass of milk with them. (I totally can get the whole pickles and ice cream thing now.)

    Your boobs don't hurt yet? Mine are killing me - nothing like the boob pain during a period. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones who doesn't have tons of symptoms. I've been nauseous here and there but only if I let myself get hungry.

    :) Carrie - 5 weeks today!

  2. Oh I am just so happy for you - your happiness is infectious!!

  3. I'm soooo excited!!