Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My ten year high school reunion is two weeks from Saturday. I have known the date for over a year and I still haven't truly committed to going. I don't really know what I am waiting for, but I am definitely stalling. At first I told myself I wanted to know if I was going to be pregnant or not. I didn't want to go and be HUGE pregnant. It just didn't sound fun. Then as each step of infertility went on and we still weren't pregnant, I wasn't sure I wanted to go if I WASN'T pregnant either. I am not sure exactly what I wanted, but seems like I got it. I am pregnant, but not so big and miserable that I don't want that to be how people remember me for the next ten years. But still, I stall...

I know a lot of people walk out of high school and say, "Thank GOD it's over! I will NEVER go back!", but that honestly wasn't me. I loved high school. I was really active in school and had lots of amazing friends. If you asked me on graduation day if I would ever consider skipping the reunion I would have laughed in your face. At that time, this was the best time of my life! I would NEVER miss seeing these people again. The thing is, over the next ten years I realized that it was only the best time of my far. Things honestly just got better. I went to college and made new friends. Not necessarily better friends, but friends that are more like the adult I was becoming. I got an amazing job and an amazing husband. I love my life now, and never really think about or miss the school days. I stayed close to some high school friends for a few years, but honestly now I am only close to one. My best friend growing up, Nancy, isn't able to come to the reunion because she is in a wedding. It was a blow. If she was going, there would be no doubt. But she isn't ...and I have to decide if I want to go alone. (well, of course Nick would be going, but that's different. We didn't go to the same school)

When I was at the wedding this past weekend I saw one of my closest friends from high school. She is collecting the money for the reunion (did I tell you it was kinda expensive? Well it is. But dinner is included...) She pointed out I hadn't RSVPed yet, and asked how I could not go when I was an officer of the Senior Class....good point. Why am I fighting this?? It honestly doesn't sound bad to go. I won't be able to drink, but that's fine. I will see old friends. I am sure I will enjoy it. And yet I haven't sent the money. I am flighty and avoid the question on Facebook and Myspace. I just don't know! It happens to fall on the weekend we would celebrate both my birthday and our anniversary. Maybe that is holding me back. Do I want to spend MY weekend with old friends or with the friends I choose to be with now? Both sound good...but this is the one chance to see the old least for the next ten years.

I know this is rambling. I thought if I wrote about it, then it might all become clear. It hasn't. Did you all go to your high school reunion? Did you walk in alone, seeing friends you grew apart from years ago? Were you glad you went? I really think I will go. I just feel like I will regret it if I don't. What do you all think?

PS. If I go, pretend like you have NEVER seen that black and brown dress I wore to the wedding last weekend. It will be our little secret...


  1. I did go to my ten year reunion. I was not crazy about going but it was entertaining and I actually had a good time even though I was reluctant to attend in the first place. I had fun in spite of myself.

    An old crush flirted with me when I was in line to get drinks, quizzing me about if I was planning on marrying my bf. A girl everyone had always ignored was there having a fabulous time with her handsome husband rubbing her successful life in. (I was happy for her! ) I got to dance to hair band ballads with my bf, which was very prom-like and turned embarrassing when he grabbed my butt in front of my class. (which we always laughed about later...)Oh, and the best thing was I was way thinner at that point than I ever was in hs. (cannot wear the dress I wore to the reunion now, but hey, it worked at the time!) So I had a good time. But I am so not going to the 20 year! :D

  2. Mine is in about a month, and I feel the same way. And ours is pretty expensive too $85 per couple (lol, that's more than prom!!). There are 2 friends that I still consider really good friends from high school and I don't think either one of them are planning on going. If either were going I'd definately be considering it more, however, I am swamped with school and work, and our new home. So I might just skip it and wait for the 15 year or 20.

  3. PS Did I mention it's the day AFTER Thanksgiving!

  4. 85 sounds ridiculously cheap for a couples night out. Goooooooo! You are only dreading it because you can not walk in with a friend as security. You know that you really want to go because if you didn't it would not even be an issue.Goooooooooooo!

  5. I'm with Charing on this... I say go. I think you'll go and have a great time!! Besides, I wanna see pictures! =P

    BTW, I tagged you for a meme. Check out my blog!

  6. I don't know. I feel like you do -- not sure if I even care what everyone is doing, happy with MY life. I feel like HS reunions just set people up to compare and compete. The people I want to see I still do see.

    HS was great, but college is what I miss. That is a reunion I would go to. (Once I drop 20 lbs, that is.)

  7. We don't tend to have school reunions here in England so I have never had this sort of issue to think about. If I did I know I would be reluctant to go just because I know I am completely different to who I was when I left and it would be so weird trying to adjust to everyone else's differences and get people to see the changes I'd made in such a short time. It's not that I don't like who I was then it's just I was too shy to achieve much and since then I have done so very much and grown as a person. I would go though I think just out of curiosity!

  8. You couldn't pay me to go to mine but then you already know that. My high school years were the most miserable of my life. I was not a happy teenager!! However, your situation is very different. You should go. Why not??

  9. 110% GO GO GO GO.

    You are at a wonderful place. You feel great and it's nice to see how / why people look and do how they look and do now after 10 years.

    I was told at my reunion that I looked better there than I have ever looked. Totally made my $100 night out worth it.

    Go Go Go!