Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Class of 98

So, what is the most important thing to know before walking out the door for your high school reunion?? Guesses? Anybody? Well, let me tell you, it is, in fact, to know the LOCATION of said reunion. Yes, you may THINK you know where it is. You may have had emails saying it is at the Sheridan for a year now. You may be POSITIVE when you direct your husband to drive to the location of the Sheridan and point where he needs to turn in. You may laugh at him when he says, "you said it was at the Sheridan....this is the Double Tree??" and you MAY EVEN SAY, "NICK, they are the same thing!" (*roll eyes to emphasize that EVERYONE knows this*).

The problem is, that when you walk in to the Double Tree and there seems to be no reunion, you may look like a fool. You will look even more like a fool as you wait for the electronic sign to flash all events in the hotel a good five times before accepting defeat. You may look like the BIGGEST FOOL EVER when you have to tell the front desk that you thought they were the Sheridan (I didn't put it like that) and beg for a key to the computers that are clearly for GUESTS ONLY. They will be nice and give you a key, but then roll their eyes at the stupid girl all dressed up for her ten year reunion that is, in fact on the OTHER SIDE OF TOWN.

Of course, to make matters more fun, the reunion had a cocktail hour from 6-7, then a dinner from 7-8. Me, being a genius and everything, didn't want to be the FIRST people there, and figured we would show up around 6:40...making a grand entrance (and having less time if greatest fear comes true and this turns into most awkward night of life). That means that once we actually found the reunion, and then DROVE across town, we were 15 minutes late to dinner. We tossed around the idea of just going home, but damn it we were dressed up, we paid our money and we WERE GOING TO THE DAMN REUNION!

So we went. And honestly...I had an amazing time. Dinner was actually just starting so it wasn't a big deal at all that we were late. I saw TONS of people that I forgot how much I love. There were pictures everywhere, and a video of our "Senior Class Live" play, and our senior video, and graduation. They had our Senior Wills out so we could reread what we left people (let me tell you, not only do I not remember half the stuff I left people, I honestly don't remember who 25% of the people I left stuff to even are! Yes, they were important enough to me in high school for me to WILL them something, and now... I am clueless.) We had people fly in from all over the US. We have a girl in our class who is a regular on awesome is that? She flew in from LA. We have two musicians living in NYC who flew in, lots and lots of people with great careers and amazing families. Everyone looked...the same. A little older, but really the same. We laughed and talked and caught up on the past ten years. We promised to not let ten more year pass and we exchanged phone numbers and emails. I was all wonderful. In case I forget, please remind me when my 20th rolls around how much I loved the 10th!

Now, a couple pictures. I wont post them all because they are basically just me with random people from my high school, but still...
Me and Emily...who talked me into going to the reunion in the first place. Good call!Me and in law school down in FL...amazing!The red head, yeah she wrecked my car in high school while we were skipping school and she didn't have a license...she is awesome like that. On the right is one of our musicians who came in from NYC, on the left is a doctor who came in from Columbus...Makes me feel a little guilty for having such a hard time deciding if I should go when ITS IN MY HOME TOWN.Me and Natalie...she flew in from TX...these travelersAnd to prove that I brought him, me and Nick! (in a bad picture of me...) The rest of the night he took pictures of me with other people. He was happy to see at least a couple guys he knew, but when I said I was ready to go, he was pleased...
So that's it. My reunion rocked. I suggest anybody who enjoyed high school to go ahead and go to theirs too. You seriously forget how much you enjoy these people, and how many memories you have with them. It was great to take a night to remember it all.


  1. I'm so glad you went and had a good time!! It's always exciting to reconnect with good friends!

    My own high school reunion would be a boring one... Seeing as I was top of the class and bottom.... Our mighty class of one!

  2. Well, I would say something all philosophical like friends are silver and gold, blah, blah, yada yada but all I can really say is GOOD GOD girl, your boobs are HUGE. Lots of milk for the bean???

  3. Hope it's ok that I say this, but all I could think of was that those were some boobalicious pics! Rock on girlfriend, it's the best part of pregnancy. Man, I hope my fake ones will look that good one day! (and oh yes, they are SOOO in my future)

  4. What a cool evening - I'm glad you enjoyed it! But what are thee wills you are talking about? Is it what you write in each others' year books or something? (Sorry ignorant Brit here!!)

  5. Can I say I told you so about going to your reunion? ;) I am so glad you went and had such a great time!

    And I am glad other people mentioned your "boobalicious" state, 'cause I noticed, too!!!

  6. HA! I am so glad other folks commented on "how you're filling out your dress" -- you look great, my friend! Good to hear that you had a super time. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!