Friday, October 3, 2008

Dirty Thirty

I am pretty proud of myself for keeping my promise and posting these pictures today! There is a slight chance I am only doing it because I know we have a wedding this weekend (can't wait Mandy!!) and I will want to post those pics on gotta get this event out of the way! I know you all said in the comments you want love the pregnancy talk (I am glad, because I really don't think I could stop it anyway) but I don't have much to add for today in that regard, so I will just roll into the party pics! I will add that you did talk me out of wishing for nausea, but I must say I don't actually WANT to be sick. I just wish there was something that could convince me that this is all real. Nausea seems like it would work. Still, I hope I am lucky enough to not be sick, and that once I go for the ultrasound I will be able to accept that this truly is happening!
So anyway, Dirty Thirty. My friend Tarp's boyfriend Jim had him a birthday bash last weekend. Theme was obviously Dirty Thirty. Some people at this party went all out with the "dirty", but we kept it pretty clean. We weren't even sure how a guy pulls off dirty, but Tarp was able to show us!

So I edited the picture so you can't TOTALLY see his shirt (I am not sure why I felt this was necessary. I know I cuss on here, but it seemed a little in-your-face to just post the shirt for everyone to see...also, he ordered it online if you are curious...not sure who else would want such a shirt to wear around town, but you never know)

So what does a birthday boy pair with such a tank top you might be asking?

Yes...assless chaps (are their any other kind? everyone kept calling them "assless" so I just went with it...) Thank GOD he decided to wear underwear. Here is Tarp's boyfriend Jim with Kim. He just had on jeans. There were some other serious outfits, but alas I don't have them is me and Nick. Don't worry, I got my hair done today so those terrible roots have been taken care of...Charing, Scott, Boo and KimCandice and Davis. Her outfit was adorable, but I clearly didn't capture it in the pictureRyan and ArielleCharing and Scott

And finally this random shot Tarp took while standing on a chair of me, Nick, Whitney, Becky and Boo. I mad fun of him when he took it, but I kinda like it!

It was a pretty great birthday party all around. I wish they had cut the is just mean to tempt the pregnant girl who can't drink with a delicious cake and then forget to cut it...I guess everyone else was drinking to much, but I didn't forget...


  1. very nice! hahahahaha

  2. Looks like you had a great time!

  3. Those plain "whitey tighties" are freaking awesome! :) Totally made me laugh!

    Hope you have a great time at the wedding!