Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Little Unexpected

Well, I was laying on the couch last night, about to get rolling with some dinner, when I sneezed. Big news, I know. The thing is, when I sneezed, I had an INSANE pain on my right side near my ovary. Like TERRIBLE. Like pull your legs up and cry out kinda of pain. Nick jumped up, ran over to me, and about twenty five seconds later it was gone. Totally normal. He asked if I thought something was wrong with the baby, and I told him I didn't really think so. It didn't feel like period cramping, it felt much more like when a cyst burst. A sharp pain, that then went away.

The rest of the night was uneventful. I was perfectly normal with no more cramping, but I kept my mind on the sharp pain. I called Doc first think this morning and the nurse agreed with me. The pain has nothing to do with the baby. It was either, a.) a cyst bursting. Apparently during pregnancy your ovaries get larger. If you have cysts, they can burst during this time and cause a great deal of pain. There is no danger to the baby. Or b.) the adhesion's from the endometriosis breaking apart. when the uterus starts to stretch during pregnancy, it will break all those adhesion's. I had heard of that. That people with stage four endo can have a painful pregnancy because of this...I just kinda forgot.

Either way the nurse said not to worry. That there was really nothing they could do for the pain, but it has no effect on the pregnancy. I really feel fine now. It was all really fast. That leads me to believe it was an adhesion breaking and not a cyst. The other cysts I have had burst lingered a lot longer. Honestly it scared me more than anything. I was terrified something was wrong with the baby. It was the beginning of a miscarriage. As time went on and I felt fine, I kinda calmed down, but still, I am worried. I guess there is nothing to do but hope we are right and wait for my ultrasound on the 13th. I guess I also need to be aware of where I am when I sneeze from now on!


  1. Ooo, ouch. I've wondered about that with the endo & all those adhesions. Like, right now, my bladder + uterus are still stuck together. My OB sounds like he'd agree with your nurse cuz I asked him if it could negatively affect a pregnancy & he said that I'd just have more pain during stretching.

    How freakin' scary is what you went through... I do hope it doesn't happen again though!!! :(

  2. Well, if it is possible to have a GOOD pain, I guess that was one. It means the baby is growing in there and making things bigger!

  3. Gayle is so good to us! She really talked me down the other day...why is it our minds go to the absolute worst possible outcome? I can't wait to see pix of your sweet baby!

  4. Holy crap! Who knew a sneeze could cause all that!!

  5. that what that is? I was wondering. I have been getting those weird pains too. Generally, they have been sharp, shooting pains, but my haven't been as intense as yours.

  6. I don't have endo nor any cysts and in early pregnancy, sneezes would make me have that pain too. Hell, it still does at 24 weeks at times.

    My OB told me it was simply a "charlie horse" of the ligaments surrounding the uterus.

    Crazy how horrible it is, eh? When I get it, I seriously can NOT move for about 30 seconds to a minute. It's hardcore.