Sunday, October 19, 2008


So around here the Kentucky Wildcats are big. Really big. I know some cities have their college teams and they go unnoticed besides the die hard fans, but that is not my city. (maybe because we don't have a pro team? Could be...) The entire place turns blue on Football Saturdays and basically all winter for basketball. We just love it. So this year for Nick's best friend Ryan's birthday (Happy Birthday Ryan!) we all went to the UK homecoming game. Before the game, rather than tail gating on campus, Ryan and Arielle has us over to their new house to grill out. As the pregnant girl who cannot drink and had to work that morning, I cannot tell you how much better I liked this plan in comparison to sitting around the car for six hours in the cold. Don't get me wrong, I am sure I would have enjoyed whatever they wanted to do, but when I heard there was a house and a couch and a TV involved, I was really pleased!

Once we got down to campus we realized that it was kinda cold outside. We thought we were ready, but I really don't think we were. The was PAINFUL. It didn't help that the team gave us little to cheer for the majority of the game. I am extremely anti leaving games early (my dad taught me there is always a world of time!! Don't be the person to leave early!!) but with five minutes left and down by two scores, when we threw an interception I wasn't fighting the group when they stood up to go. Over half the stadium had cleared...we stuck it out the best we could...

THEN, as we started making out way down the stairs (there were lots of them...) UK recovered a fumble! I KNOW. (Did I ever tell you that I LOVE football?? LOVE IT. So, just hang with me on the football talk and then I will show you a couple pictures!) So, we stop and scoot back into some random empty seats to see if we can do anything with four minutes left. down by TWO scores. You know what happened?? WE WON. Yep. After three quarters and ten minutes of terrible football, we put together two amazing drives and scored TWICE to win the homecoming game. IT. WAS. AWESOME. And that is why, no matter how cold you are, and no matter how bad your team has been playing, you should always stay because there is a WORLD OF TIME LEFT!

Okay, some pictures since most of you don't care about UK football in the slightestRyan and Arielle in their new back yard with their sweet little dog RipkinMe and Nick before we played some catch. I was pretty impressed with my own athletic abilityMe and Arielle getting ready to leave for the gameThe guys...Ryan and Arielle at the game...
And one more of me and Nick. See how we have a nice birds eye view of the field? (nice way of saying our seats were kinda high, but we liked them!)

So that's it. We had a great time grilling out and considering the end, I would say the game turned out pretty wonderful too. Plus, at some point Nick and I walked down and found that they were selling Philly Cheese steak was worth going to the game just for that!


  1. great, I mean great pics. i do not think the game worked out as well did it?

  2. I'm rather jealous of your painfully cold weather. It sounds like what you saw this weekend is colder than anything we even get in December. The weather here on Christmas is usually warm enough to BBQ. Bah. I'm just begging the weather to stay cool enough for me to wear long sleeves. That's ALL I want.

    Glad to hear they won. We always stay til the end too - hoping for a miracle. Sounds like you got one!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time!