Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Must get to Work on a Costume...

Did you know it is October 15th?? THE FIFTEENTH! That is half of October that is just DONE. Amazing. Anyway, the second half of October is filled with three of my favorite things....mine and Nick's anniversary, my birthday and HALLOWEEN. Nick and I love Halloween...LOVE IT. This is the reason it freaks me out just a little that the date is only 16 days away and we have NOTHING for our costumes. So rather than panic, I will just waste time by showing you some of our past costumes! (although I cannot find the BEST costume. Nick went as Edward Scissor Hands one year...IT.WAS.AWESOME. I will someday find a pic and post it to show his amazing transformation) the pics I did have on the computer

This is our first Halloween together back in 99...look at how young we look (and how tiny my arms are)!Some random year. It took us a long time to start dressing in couple costumes.This is only half on Nicks costume, and is actually his back...he had an additional costume on the front for me, my mom made my outfit, and made it scandalously shortThis was our first couple costume, and it is one of my favorites. These were totally made from scratch (like anybody would sell these) and Nick is wearing women's underwear. He will do anything for a good costume.Last year we were Tetris. That shape would also be good for a pregnant girl!

So you see, we need to get to work. We have an idea. An Awesome idea. But these costumes aren't going to make themselves! Maybe we will get started tonight...


  1. The year you were the devil and INTENT on covering up the headband part of your horns so that it looked like they were magically coming from your hair and there was no headband attached was the year I met... The Mad Hatter... Oh the shame!!! Still can't believe I went on a date with that guy... The devil might have also been the year we went to the one Halloween party where they only SAID it was a Halloween party and really we were the only fools dressed up... *Sigh... I could go on. I have many, many Halloween memories with you...

  2. Wow - we never do anything like this in England. The one time we holidayed in the US we were there for Halloween and couldn't believe how many people dressed up. We're lucky if even one child knocks on the door asking for sweets - we might get some this year as there are some kids in our block of flats. T is really into the holidays though like me so hopefully we can have a good time even if it is just us!

  3. WOW. I am in LOVE with the Tetris costumes.

  4. you two are too cute!

    hey, how about going as pea in a pod this year... with you oviously the pod with the pea inside??

  5. I always had the best times at your Halloween parties! Can't wait to see what you two have dreamed up this year - don't forget to take pictures!

  6. Jenn has the copy of the scissor-hand costume in one of her scrapbooks. I've seen it before. One of the best!!