Monday, October 27, 2008

Ultrasound #2

We had our second ultrasound of baby C* today! The baby looks perfect! He/she is measuring right on track and looked pretty adorable if I do say so myself! Wanna see??

I wish I could send you in a direction here, but I really have no idea what's what. I think the left side of the little bean is the head...I think. Still, pretty cute, right?? As proof of how much bigger the baby is, here is a shot of our first pic from two weeks ago...Sorry this is a little blurry, but baby C is that tiny little dot on the left side of the screen....

So clearly he/she is growing at an alarming (and completely appropriate) rate! With this appointment we have been officially released from Doc's office and will be making our way to a real and true OB! We have our first appointment with them on Nov. 10th, so just another little two week wait.

* I am trying out a few names for this little one since we wont know if the baby is a boy or girl until the actual delivery. Baby C is at the top of the list because...well, I have always kinda called the baby "baby C" for our last name, which isn't a secret but I never type it out on the blog because it is SERIOUSLY unusual and there are about 25 of us in the world. When you google it, you get Nick and his research, his brother and his band, his sister and our sorority, his uncle who is a fire fighter, ect... so I just would rather not have bio-girl be on the top of that list of family sites whenever someone googles our last name! Anyway, the point is that we are trying out Baby C. If I suddenly change to something totally random, just roll with it...


  1. Oh wow - thanks for sharing :o) I'm glad everything is going well and you're been released from the doc's office! That must feel wonderful.

  2. Would you laugh if I told you we called Audrey "Fred" before she was born. Then we found out that she was a "Fredette". Whoops. Not because we were considering the name Fred, it's just what we called her.

    Oh, and I think it looks like the baby is face up, head on the right, torso on the left, arms/legs on top. Not that I'm trained to see this stuff or anything. Just a guess.

  3. Awesome pics! It's amazing how big s/he's gotten in 2 weeks! :)

  4. Soo cute Sarah. Yay for baby C* :)