Thursday, October 16, 2008

7 Weeks

Well, just like that I am seven weeks pregnant! I honestly feel very normal. Honestly. The upset stomach I talked about last week is really just that my stomach hurts when I get really hungry. I have solved this by eating small snacks between meals. The only thing I have really noticed about my appetite is that I don't seem to be wanting sweets at all. That's right. I have been a die hard sweet fan since birth, but lately I could take them or leave them. It isn't like they seem terrible to me, just not worth my time. If I am craving something sweet, I really want something like peaches. I am not sure if this is a real pregnancy change or if it is more that I am aware that everything I eat goes to the baby, and so I am wanting to eat healthier than I ever have before. We will see how long it lasts...

Today I am in MY OWN JEANS! That is big. I have worn some of my own pants since the IVF, but not something as unforgiving as jeans. They seem to be fine now, but I am taking my amazing little belly band thing to work just in case they get to tight and I need to undo the button! At my ultrasound Doc told me that my ovaries were "almost" back to normal size. This surprised me. I had just assumed they went back to normal long ago, but he said when they get as large as mine did, it takes several weeks. I am thinking they might have had something to do with my inability to wear my own jeans up until now!

Besides those random things, all is amazing! I am sleeping a lot more than I ever have before, but when I wake up in the mornings I feel great. We have another ultrasound on the 27th, and I cannot wait to see our sweet little baby again! It just seems amazing that I am already seven weeks along...


  1. I was wondering about the ovary thing. I still get twinges and pains every once in awhile that feel just like the pain did during stims.

    Where did you find your belly band? I want to get one.

    My first u/s is on the 27th so we'll both have pictures to post that day!

  2. I was the same way at first, no sweets for me...I wanted fruits and veggies. Needless to say I am past that now, but it is always good to know you aren't alone in your cravings. Finished the first Twilight book...AMAZING! My sister-in-law has the series and is bringing me the second and third today....can't wait to bury my nose in the book.

  3. congrats on being 7 weeks pregnant and fitting into your jeans :). If you are not feeling anything different at 7 weeks, then I should not worry at 5 weeks.

  4. hey, get a bella band. that way you can still wear your jeans but unbottoned. the band will hold it up. :)

    congrats on 7 weeks!

  5. Congrats on 7 weeks and your u/s :)!

  6. Sarah I'm at the same point my ms last week is much better this week. As long as I eat. I am 7 weeks 2 days and can't wait to follow you on your journey.