Thursday, October 23, 2008

8 Weeks

Well, the post from yesterday sounds awfully whiney but I am actually doing pretty great! I am fighting the nausea at times, but all and all I still feel good and am so excited to actually be eight weeks pregnant! I am tired a lot, but I am a girl that loves a good nap, so I am okay with that. My clothes are getting tight and that I am having a harder time with, but it is all just part of it. Just a part I wasn't expecting at eight weeks. I am still able to wear my own clothes, but they are tight around my belly which is making me uncomfortable. I haven't actually gained any weight at all, so I guess things are just shifting around....not a bad deal.

Does anybody know it is true that when you do IVF your body starts to have noticeable changes faster than if you don't? It makes since because of all the hormones, but I just wondered if it was actually that girls who have had infertility are more just willing to move right into the "showing" part of the pregnancy. I would have thought the it was just people wanting to show, but now that I am looking at myself it is hard to believe this isn't my body making some early changes!

So what else to say at eight weeks...well, the baby is the size of a grape now! (not a good support for eight week belly discussion) The picture that google sends me each week no longer looks like an alien and is actually starting to look a little baby like! we have another ultrasound on Monday, which I am thrilled about. That should be the last appointment with the fertility doc! Then we will be just like regular pregnant people! So I guess that is it. We are completely thrilled to be eight entire weeks pregnant!


  1. Yay! 8 weeks! Congrats! I don't know about the showing thing.... :)

  2. So so exciting. I was DYING to show when I found out I was pregnant. (Silly me!) I just felt like it was all I thought about 24/7 and I wanted everyone else to know it! :( I didn't start really showing until around 5 months. I had all these maternity clothes that just fell off of me!

    You and Kristin over an An Ordinary Life are due around the same time! You should be buddies!