Thursday, October 30, 2008

9 Weeks

You know what rocks about having a birthday eight and a half weeks into your pregnancy? Your family will buy you AWESOME maternity clothes! I now have jeans and cords and a million cute little tops (plus money to go buy MORE stuff that I need!). This couldn't come at a better time because there is no question that here at nine weeks, my waist line is expanding (still no weight gain). Now don't get me wrong, it isn't like I am walking around with a noticeable baby bump or anything, but I can see a difference, and my clothes DEFINITELY can tell there is a change. I made the connection that my after-eating-nausea is mainly due to my pants being tight on my stomach, so I have come to the logical conclusion to just unbutton them. Genius, I know. This means I am putting my belly band to good use! It will let me stay in my regular pants for a while more, which is awesome. Still, it is so nice to not have to panic about buying an entire new wardrobe on my own due to the birthday gifts. Thanks family!

So besides the clothes getting a little tight, all is well. The unbuttoning of the pants and not letting myself get too hungry has totally gotten the nausea under control. Honestly, at nine week in, I am feeling great!

**It cracked me up how many of you mentioned the boob situation in the reunion pictures! I noticed it, but figured it wasn't something that anyone else would see...Guess I was wrong! As a girl who has always been small chested, it is kinda nice...although I didn't tell many people at the reunion that I was pregnant, so I wonder where they think the new boobs came from?? **


  1. LOL about the fact they may have wondered about the boobs! :)

    That's awesome about getting all those clothes + spending money! And I'd never heard of the belly band thing & I LOVE that idea!

  2. Unbutton your ARE a genius. If only I could that...

  3. Hehe - yay for bigger boobs naturally in time for the reunion :o) Also - thanks for explaining the wills thing ;o)

    What a great birthday present - I'm glad you figured out the after-eating-nausea and are feeling so good during your pregnancy!

  4. I wondered about the boobs yesterday, but didn't say anything. LOL!

    Yay for new clothes!

  5. Yay for birthday presents that fit right in with your prayers for a baby -- we are so excited for you!