Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Well, I must admit that we will be having the most lame Halloween in our history. We are doing nothing. That amazing party we were going's still happening. We just never got around to making or buying costumes. The closer the party got, the more I just wasn't into Halloween this year. So, I let my friend know we were missing it, and we are now officially staying home to hand out candy and maybe watch a scary movie if I don't fall asleep. God, we are exciting.

Anyway, if I KNEW we weren't doing anything I would have saved the old pictures of Halloweens past for today, but now I already used those and I have nothing...sad. Hope everyone has a great Halloween whatever you are doing! (even if you are lame like me and staying on the couch...I wont judge you...somebody has to hand out the candy!)


  1. I personally LOVE giving out candy!
    And you need chill time, right? Soon you guys will have a little one to take trick or treating. :D

  2. LOL how is this for lame... I will be spending all evening going shopping for a babyshower I am putting on for BFF tomorrow... and NO I didn't dress up either

    DH is spending time alone at home. With the lights off since we didn't buy any candy to hand out. OOPs!

  3. That actually sounds like a GREAT evening, especially since it is a Friday night. You will be plenty busy next year with a 5-month old. 5 month old, is that right?? I think so. Hmmm...what kind of costume for a baby???

  4. We are lame too and gave up costumes and Halloween parties a good number of years back. They are wonderful and fun and great memories, but somehow, over time, you just outgrow them. We hand out lots of candy and enjoy the little ones with their costumes and treat bags. In between doorbell rings, we are watching TV and laying around. Yes, truly lame.

  5. oh bummer... i was waiting to see what costume you ended up picking.

    i'm with you this year, we stayed in and handed out candy as well.

  6. Hey Sarah! We have been handing out candy for the past four years. It is tons of fun in our neighborhood. Thanks for your sweet words about Taylor! By the way, I am on book four of Twilight...holy cow, so good!