Thursday, February 5, 2009

23 Weeks

Well the handy websites didn't give me much info on our sweet little baby's size this week. The exact wording was "over eleven inches",so I guess a little bigger than last week, and "a little over a pound", so yet is growing! The baby is now aware of my personal movements, and apparently can feel me dance. So it is so soon that the baby will learn his/her mama has no rhythm. So sad. The baby is also getting use to the loud noises I am around on a regular basis. The exact examples were the dog barking and the vacuum. Good to know Ellie won't freak the baby out, but if the pregnancy website people think I run the vacuum enough to call it a "regular sound" then they have clearly lost their minds.

So as for me, I am still great! I am actually sorta full of energy and feel better than normal. I have started going in to work an hour earlier so I can start getting use to my new schedule for after the baby and the transition has been simple. I am sleeping really well, but when I wake up and attempt to get out of bed my back usually aches. It goes away once I am up and walking around, so it isn't anything big. Just not the way you want to wake up in the morning. Even with the back issues, I am loving every second of being pregnant! So now to the belly pics...
First, check out the front of my shirt. My mom got it for me and I think it is hilarious!
Shirt down
and now shirt up


  1. Your belly looks so much bigger with the shirt up!

  2. You look great. I hope the back feels better.

  3. So cute!!! I love being pregnant,too, and I feel so lucky.

  4. You look like such a proud Mama! Enjoy the rest of your PG you look great!

  5. What a beautiful, beautiful belly.

    We took our first belly shots yesterday (10 weeks) because I realised you've been doing them since 5 weeks and I've been LAZY!