Thursday, February 26, 2009

26 Weeks

So lets see what is new this week...well, the baby is nearly two pounds and is 14 inches long! I find that pretty amazing. He or she has now fully developed all five senses. According to my online sources, the baby will now sway to a rhythm. I find this hard to believe, but maybe this is because I have a hard time keeping a rhythm now. Something about the baby being better at it than me is a little sad... besides that, the sweet baby is just growing away. Putting on fat and practicing breathing to get ready for life out here in the real world!

As for me, I am still just rolling along. I feel like this should be getting harder, but honestly I still feel great. The baby kicks are getting stronger but are not to the point of uncomfortable. I am actually still loving every single one. I think I felt the first round of hiccups today...that or the baby really DOES have rhythm! We have been working like crazy in the nursery (final pictures to come soon!) and are planning to register in the next couple of days. All in all I am still doing good and loving every second of it! Now to the pictures...
Shirt down
Shirt up!


  1. You are doing so GREAT!! Can't wait for you to register so I can go shopping!

  2. You look great. Are you going to have a guessing game with people so they can guess boy or girl? I think I got my feeling for you. I like to guess. I was wrong my last guess. I guess I have lost my touch.

  3. You are looking great! So glad to hear how well you're doing, and that pregnancy is treating you so well!! I still love your stories! -

    Your Texas blog reader friend...