Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Nick got to actually feel the baby move for the first time last night! I am not sure what he was expecting it to feel like, but it seemed to take him by surprise. Maybe that is because we have been trying so long for him to feel it, and when it finally happened the baby gave what was undoubtedly the strongest kick yet! It was funny because we were laying in bed watching the UK game (just terrible...) and I felt the baby moving around. I took his hand and put it on my stomach. Same old routine. Ten minutes or so later we gave up and he moved his hand away. Thirty seconds later there was a kick. So, we started over. Hand back in place for another ten minutes, a lot more nothing, we give up and start watching TV. Thirty seconds and there is a serious kick. I grab his hand and am like, "This baby is moving like CRAZY. Keep trying!" and right then it was like BAM! A huge kick right into his hand. It was so hard that I felt it with my hand on top of his hand! Nick was like, "Um, yeah. I felt THAT" and then it happened again. Same spot right into his hand. It was like the baby was just teasing Nick all along and was finally like, "HERE I am!!" I was great.


  1. That is so neat. I am happy for both of you.

  2. Wow! Your baby must be strong! :)

  3. What an awesome moment! I miss the movement so much from when I was pregnant, it is such a neat feeling.

    Take care and enjoy!

  4. How exciting for you and Nick - I can't wait for all that!