Monday, February 23, 2009

Project Nursery Part Two

Well the nursery is really coming along! I figured it was time to show you all everything we have done. I think this will be a three part series, seeing as how we are nearly finished. Still, I might stretch it all know how I love to weasel multiple posts out of the same topic!

Anyway, we left off with all the walls cut down I think...just as a reminder, this is how it looked...
After that Nick pulled all the new electrical, which isn't really something I can show in pictures, but it was hard work! When he was done we were ready for drywall, but we had to leave our mark on our little house first! (yes, I know you all can see our last name, but since it is an image it wont be google-able. Just don't stalk me or my soon to be born perfect child. Deal?)Next the drywall went up. This took help from my brother in law and sisters who were real troopers holding that heavy crap up to the wall... I just watched.Once the drywall was up we (Nick) put on the joint compound. Three coats. You would think they could make wall building more efficient...And then this weekend we finally got to prime the walls! We are now totally ready for the REAL paint!
We are going out tonight to get paint and chair rail molding. I am so excited about it! Once the paint is up, we can actually put up the crib!! Because we own one now! (Thanks mom and dad!!!!) Anyway, our little office truly is going to be a nursery any day now.


  1. Wow it looks wonderful. My friend has been busy working on her room too. She is due in May. Both of you have done great jobs on your rooms. I also like how you left a little note in the wall.