Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 Weeks

Well you all sure do know how to make a girl feel better about being called "wide"! Thanks for all the great comments. Although I don't feel wide (yet) I do feel big. That feeling was backed up in South Carolina when we were sitting at the kitchen table. Mawmaw looked at me and said, " I think you are having a boy...and he's BIG!" Oh my. We will just continue to ignore how this possible "big boy" gets out. Nothing good comes from thinking about that now anyway...

So, lets get to the 25 week details! Our sweet baby C is now a pound and a half and 13.5 inches long. Apparently the babies hair is now growing and is the color and texture it will be at birth. It also said the baby now has more regular looking skin rather than transparent skin, and it also has lots of extra skin like a puppy. HA! Maybe I shouldn't laugh at my giant baby, but seriously, it has puppy skin!

As for me, all is well. Just getting bigger and loving every time the baby moves. I have started having some mild contractions, which is totally normal for right now. Nothing painful, just a tightening. I was really fine with the six hour trip to South Carolina, and honestly still feel pretty great. Today at work a guy who had never seen me before asked me when I was due, so I officially register as pregnant even to perfect strangers. Amazing! Now to belly pics...
Shirt down
Shirt up. Getting bigger everyday!


  1. Cute belly! I'm looking forward to mine getting bigger & bigger! I'm still at zero weight gain, but soon it'll happen! :)

    Yay for making 25 wks! I think it sounds kinda funny, too, saying the baby has extra wrinkly-skin!!

    Guess what? I officially bought my 1st Twilight "gear". It finally moved to our dollar theatre & so we're going out for a girls night out & just HAD to have a tee to wear. Still looking for the Nudger one, but after $24 on one tee... not sure I'll spend as much on another! :)

  2. You look great. I love the pink shirt.

  3. You look great. I love the pink shirt.