Friday, February 13, 2009

Random Bullets

No, I still haven't loaded the new belly pics. I promise I will show them to you all eventually, but I am still bumming computer time at friends and families houses, so I don't have access to my pictures. We are actually heading out of town here shortly, but I thought I would jump on here and do a quick post... because I am addicted to my blog. Anyway, here is a quick update on all things bio girl since the computer went down...

  • My newest post is up over at Chic Shopper Chick! Check out the review here if you have time!
  • We had a hell of a wind storm here on Wednesday night. Nick and I got home to no power. It came back on after a few hours, and it allowed me to get out of making dinner so it sorta rocked. Still, will the terrible weather, can't you please give my little state a break?!?!
  • I have decided I love Pizza Rolls. They are amazing. It's like that first time I had them in middle school and I thought they were a gift from God. I forgot about that love until we were at Arielle's birthday where I ate a "heaven roll" and I am now hooked. Some may say they are not healthy, but there is no way my heaven rolls could do wrong...
  • Did I tell you all I almost died of over eating pasta? I did? Well, just a reminder warning. Don't do that...
  • I have started watching American Idol again. I cannot figure out why they let all the annoying people in this year, but my guess is they are attempting destroy the show so they can get back to normal lives.
  • Our power was out when Lost was on on Wednesday. That means the DVR didn't tape it. This hurts my heart more than I care to admit. I would watch it online, BUT I HAVE NO INTERNET.
  • I had a really vivid dream that they baby was a girl. A girl with blond hair. It was super odd seeing as how I have seen so sure this baby is a boy. Nick also had a dream it was a girl, and now he is convinced...

Okay, I guess I really need to get my work done on this computer so we can leave town! I will be back Monday. Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day weekend!


  1. Great review. I wanted one of those things but I never got one. I would use a blanket and of course she would pull it off or get too hot. Next child I am so getting one of those.

    Hope your internet problems get fixed. I am happy to hear you are a Lost fan. I enjoy that show too.

    Happy V-day to you and Nick and the little one.

    I am still trying to guess if you are having a boy or girl. Not sure yet. I have another friend who is having a boy and the other one does not know. So I am trying to guess on her also.

  2. I was absolutely convinced my baby was a boy-lol. Either way, baby C will have a buddy or a future date :)

    As far as American Idol this year...ugh! Why do they let that crazy annoying girl in but no Jamar? Drives. me. insane.

  3. I gave up on American Idol, I watch too much TV so something had to go! (MY DVR is so full from all the shows I tape and never get time to watch, American Idol would have put the thing over the edge!)

    Hope you enjoy your Valentines Day!