Monday, February 2, 2009

In and Out...with a Two Hour Wait

I had my monthly doctors appointment today and it was yet again one of those situations where we were in the waiting room for an hour, waiting in the actual room for 45 minutes, and honestly talked to the doctor for maybe five minutes. I am so lucky that this pregnancy is going so easy, but after investing all that time, I wish there was more to say than, "You are doing great! See you in four weeks!" Not that I want him to like make a pot of coffee and have a discussion on politics, but it seems like my time is worth more than that. Lets TALK about the baby doc! Something like, "What do you think it is?? Boy or Girl? Is everything looking normal? What exactly is normal about it? Please give details..." Of course in his defence, he says "Do you have any questions or concerns?" and I always just say, "Nope!" *Huge smile and wave* I am sure he loves us. We help to get him back on schedule!

There are a few things that are worth mentioning from the appointment. First, this was going to be my first appointment without Nick. The wait is always so long, and it seemed silly to have him go just for the "See ya in four weeks!" discussion. When I walked into the office my cell rang and it was Nick. He was on his way. It was so sweet of him, and I was honestly glad for the company. Still, I really don't know if he will be back again until they promise some action after this long of a wait. (action being an ultrasound or the hope of a baby!).

Second, I managed to gain six pounds in four weeks. Therefore, I managed to more than double the entire amount of weight I have gained over the entire pregnancy. I would love to pretend that I have NO IDEA how this happened, but I think all the McDonald's breakfasts, and the cookies and milk and ice cream and pizza rolls and...well, you get the idea. I have been eating. They said not to worry about the six pounds because I needed the weight to catch up to where they want my weight to be. I celebrated this news by getting a Big Mac combo on the way home from the appointment. I wonder if they will be so okay with it next month...they also asked if I was exercising and I believe I took on the look of a deer in head lights. I stuttered and laughed, then said, "Well, I mean...I am sure I get SOME exercise, like, walking around the house" *Large smile hoping to close the subject all together*. She said she knows its hard, but I SHOULD try to exercise a little. Right.

Besides that, there was actual talk of birthing classes. Seriously! Apparently it is time to sign up for birthing classes! and a discussion on contractions and what is normal vs. what to call about. SERIOUSLY! They are talking to me about CONTRACTIONS. Like they think I will eventually have this baby and have to know about these things! I do the gestational diabetes test at my next appointment because I WILL BE IN MY THIRD TRIMESTER. Right. Crazy talk. So I guess it was an eventful five minutes of doctor/nurse time, and that is something...


  1. You know what makes a huge difference at my doctor's office? Having an appointment as early as possible. My most recent one was at 3:30 and I waited way longer than I usually do. Starting this month I am going twice a month!

  2. I feel for you on the no-action thing. I am in New Zealand and my monthly appointments last anywhere from 30mins to an hour with good discussions each time and we always get to hear the baby's heartbeat for a good amount of time. Also - we never have to wait.

  3. When I had my twins my doctor, kept looking at my belly and shaking her head. She would tell me how uncomfortable I looked and how shiny my belly was! I liked the no business ones better! LOL!

    So glad that they are non-eventful as that means things are going well!

    Take care

  4. Sarah, glad you're having a non-eventful pregnancy :)

    That is SOOOO good!

    They take some time with me because of the twins and I ALWAYS have questions, so he says, "and what questions do you have today?"


  5. My husband did not come to many of my doctors visits either. He was there for the big ones. I would go in pee in the cup of course which got harder when the belly grew. Then sat and sat and sat then in I went. Heart beat heard, tummy checked a little and then I was done. I was like you waiting for something. But no. Then as it got closer up start getting checked out to see if you are changing down in that area. I was like okay but only once my doctor was not worried. Oh well. I was never told to exercise when I was pg. I just walked around at work. I loved shakes and fries on hard days. Way to go. I am so happy all is well.

  6. I had a week right around where you are in the pregnancy with a big weight gain like that too. It may have something to do with the twinkies....or the powdered donuts... :)

    Yay to uneventful!

  7. OMG I waited once for FOUR HOURS total to see my doctor. We were LIVID. But, he is the best, so I suffered in silence. But JEEZ. Is it so hard to just schedule fewer appointments?

    Anyway, the birthing class TOTALLY helped me - I was baby clueless and even though the charts and stuff of contractions (seriously? a contraction chart?) didn't help me, seeing what would actually happen in the hospital really did.

    Something else to consider -- our hospital offered tours of the maternity wing the first Saturday of every month. It was great to see where I would be, where the baby would be, what a room looked like, etc. Just a thought. :)

  8. Hilarious! I thought of you and your diabetes test when you wrote that you loved orange soda these days....wonder if you will feel the same after drinking the orange sugar juice??

  9. I am glad that the snow days allow me to catch up on your blog:-) You looked so cute Sunday...I cannot wait to meet your little one:-)