Sunday, February 8, 2009

A New Walk

Well it's official. I have began to use the pregnancy walk...AKA the waddle. Yes. I know. I am ashamed. I hoped to avoid the waddle all together, but it appears that will not be possible. I went out to dinner last night (which, for the record, was wonderful. I love the Cheesecake Factory!) and when we got up to go to the bathroom on our way out, my little sister said, " are walking like a PREGNANT PERSON!!" Oh my. I had noticed the small change, but I hadn't thought it was noticeable to others. I guess I was wrong.

What I actually noticed first was that I kept stubbing my damn toe on door frames and corners. I was like, "what the hell is up? WHY am I constantly running into stuff??" Then I looked at the picture Nick took of me we the baby arrow shirt on. I was standing funny. Sorta with my legs apart a little. Totally not my normal stance. Since then I have paid attention, and I guess I am just automatically compensating for the shift in balance by spreading my legs a little farther apart. This somehow has led to an official waddle. When I really focus I can get rid of it, but as soon as I lose focus, I slip right back into the new walk. I guess there is no point in fighting it. Just a habit I MUST break after the baby is born!

Anyway, here is a picture of me and Nick in the state capitol! Yes, we are huge nerds, but we took the scenic route to the Cheesecake Factory and stopped at the overlook. We like all things dorky like scenic routes and state capitol buildings...Notice I had my hair done! Cut some little side bangs and everything!

I don't look like a girl that has to waddle from here to there...


  1. Enjoy your waddle! Lovely photo, you look great!

  2. You guys look great! I love your dress!

  3. Can you say "Quack" totally joking with you. That is the walk everyone soon gets.

  4. Waddle away, pregnant one! Glad you guys had a great night out (nice bangs, too).