Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Sorry I haven't been posting or commenting this week. What? I comment sometimes! Anyway, we are having computer issues at home. We have what they call "intermittent service". What does that mean? Well, it means I can log in and start typing, but then we lose Internet. I have to power all the way down and back up and I can try again. It is annoying I tell you. Very very annoying. Unfortunately it isn't an "emergency" (what do these people know?? I NEED my computer!!) so they can't come fix it until Tuesday. Lucky for me I will be out of town this weekend, so I think I can make it...

Anyway, I will find a way to post my 24 week post tomorrow, but it may or may not have a picture depending on how annoyed I get with crawling under the computer desk to reboot! Just didn't want you all to think I had fallen off the face of the Internet!


  1. How annoying! I almost went crazy when I lost my internet and had to wait 4 days for a new modem!! Sheesh!

    Good luck and hope it gets fixed soon!