Friday, February 27, 2009

Points for the Day

First off, stupid blog is annoying me. I have no idea why, but if I attempt to go to view my own blog, no actual posts come up. This drives me crazy. With the wonderful help of Twitter I found out that everyone ELSE can see my blog. This is comforting, but still annoying in the whole WHY MEEEEEE??? sort of way....

Second, I am off work today. This is an awesome fact of life. LOOOOOVE days off work.

Third, I finished painting the nursery walls this morning! We are painting the molding and getting it up tomorrow. Should be pictures for you all by Sunday!

Forth, I have a new review up over at Chic Shopper Chick! Take a look if you have time!

Fifth (I have a lot of points to make today) I went to the eye doctor this afternoon and somehow got into this huge discussion about IVF. It's as if I wear a sign that points to my stomach and says "IVF Baby!". It isn't even like I brought it up. This was my first time to this doctor (LOVE HIM...maybe because of the IVF connection...not positive) and we were chatting about kids and I was telling him this was our first, bla bla bla...then, next thing I know he is pouring his sweet little eye doctor heart out about how him and his wife couldn't get pregnant and they tried and they tried, but she has endo really bad, so they did IVF...and then they did it SEVEN TIMES, and on the last frozen cycle from the seventh IVF, this one with a serogate, it finally worked and now they have a perfect ten year old son. Of course, I am not sure he would have opened up so much if I hadn't been like, "We had fertility issues as well...", "yeah, I have endo really bad..", "yeah, we eventually had to go to the big guns and do IVF too!" Still, it was such an interesting conversation with a basic stranger. It is honestly amazing how many people are touched by infertility.

Okay, I am off to take care of getting the tags and registration on our car...and then taking care of the ticket Nick got for having expired tags and registration on the car. One of those things I have really been WANTING to get done on my day off...since October. Now looks like it is a must on the to-do list!


  1. car tags and registration seems like I've heard this one before. Next birthday I think we should do lunch and then go to motor vehicles.

  2. It's funny, people that you would least expect have gone through infertility. That's why I will forever watch what I say aroud people in regards to babies. I will never be a 'stupid fertile' and ask a dumb question about when someone is going to have kids...