Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Something you should NEVER say to a Pregnant Girl...

So Monday Boo and I went out to lunch. We enjoyed ourselves, as always, and were heading out of the cafe to run some errands. While walking out we ran into an old friend of Boo's. At one time they were really close, so I knew her well, but hadn't seen her in years. She looks at me and says, "I am going to assume you are pregnant!" (Third person to mention it that I didn't tell...all three did know me before pregnancy, but still. Exciting to be showing!) I say I am and we talk about the baby, her son, and Boo's Avery for several minutes. Boo then gets a call and walks away and I keep talking. That is when it happened. She said the one thing you should NEVER say to a pregnant girl. (okay, I am sure there are lots of things, but this is near the top of the list...)

Boo's friend: So how far along are you?

Me: 24 weeks

Boo's Annoying friend: Wow! You are carrying just like me. I just got WIDER too! I never looked pregnant, my hips just got bigger...

Me: *stare at her in shock absorbing that she just called me WIDE*

Boo's completely obnoxious friend who I officially dislike: *takes in my look of shock and takes it as confirmation that I agree with her assessment* "Yeah, that's how it goes I guess! I never took on that baby belly look either! Just HERE" *Made motion with hands to simulate hips getting wider left to right rather than out like baby belly*

Me: "Hahaha...*laughter trails off to awkwardness as I fight the urge to tell her she is ugly* I guess you are right!"

Boo comes back and I point out that we MUST LEAVE. Because I hate her friend. Here is the thing, I REALLY don't think I am wider! I mean, maybe I have on pregnancy rose colored glasses, but I think my hips look FINE. Even if they don't, I am totally cool with them, why are you going to point them out and make me feel bad?? I guess I could point out that this girl hasn't seen me in years and I was much thinner then. That might have something to do with it...yes. It could. She assumed all the weight was baby weight when really a good 20 lbs is just "I got older and married" weight. Still...STILL. WIDER.


  1. Sarah, it appears these women are just fat heads and jealous. I just looked at the pictures and I think it's very obvious you are pregnant with a nice bump! I'm 19 weeks and feel as if I have the just spreading w/out the bump look going on. I really enjoy reading your blog!

  2. I think you look cute. You look happy and of course everyone's body does change when they are having a baby. But you look great and everyone gets a belly. I went through the same things because my body was changing and I felt fat but in the end I got a wonderful little girl. I say who cares what she thinks you look great.

  3. Sarah, I have known you for a long time and you have a baby bump (which is totally normal) and you look just the same. If you were wider it would show up in pictures!!! What a dumb girl! A pox on her!

  4. Quite honestly, I'm surprised you didn't slap her :)

    You don't have wide hips and you have a very cute belly!

  5. Oh, that is so wrong! She should have known better. You held your composure much better than I would.

  6. OMG Best. Post. EVER. I cracked up the whole time. Sorry that happened to you, and for the record I think you look fantastic. Isn't it amazing how much some women (especially the ones who have actually been pregnant!) can stick their feet in their mouths?!

    You are not wide, hon. That girl needs to take a hike.

  7. Hmmm, some people just don't have boundaries? Perhaps she was nervous? Either way, you look great, and in the end, you're taking care of your little baby. Look how proud future Great (Mawmaw) grandma is!?Best of luck to you!
    Gotch ya from Twitter:) Your friend sent out a Tweet!

  8. she's just jealous that you look so good.

    i got wide. i know wide. you are not wide.

  9. That just sounds like jealousy talking! You are so adorable she probably just couldn't stand it! :)

  10. Yes. Isn't is fabulous? My mother was the first one to say to me that she thought my hips were spreading...

    You look great! and you definately have a adorable bump. :)

  11. chill out pregnant people, it comes with the territory. I am sure most were excited enough to get maternity clothes when they were not even needed. Comments like that are just comments some carry in the front and some all around (hips). Just be glad you have not heard that your nose spread or the baby took your beauty because those are also pregnant great one liners.
    Sarah, you look perfect!!!!!!

  12. Um, nope. You're small and cute. Then there's me at 16 weeks & looking like I'm 24 weeks! You look just right!