Saturday, February 21, 2009


You know what I bet would be really awkward? Imagine in a hypothetical situation that you had a cold. Not a terrible can't-get-out-of-bed type cold, but more of a feel-just-bad-enough-to-constantly-complain type of cold. Say you had to work today and stopped in to a sub place on your way home to get lunch for you and your husband/wife (this story could be about a is hypothetical. If the story was true, I would of course be to ashamed to share it, so it could NEVER have happened in real life...). You might not be sure why you went to a place you have to go inside anyways, because you sorta look like a slob in your purple sweat pants, but the sub sounded so good you couldn't resist.

Just imagine this sub shop is PACKED with people. Of course in this hypothetical situation it would be packed. You may decide to go fill up your drinks while you wait for your delicious subs, just so you are ready to walk out the door when the subs are done. If, say, you are standing there with two full drinks in your hand, and you are hit with the sudden urge to sneeze due to your annoying cold, you would be in a real pickle. I mean, both hands are in use. So there is no chance of getting your mouth covered in time. You would, I imagine, bolt for the table in the front that is empty so as to set your drinks down and cover your mouth. Of course, in this hypothetical situation you would not even come close to making it before the sneeze hit. You would attempt to muffle the sneeze, but this would only force the pressure out your nose rather than your mouth. This may, in the worst hypothetical case, lead to a large amount of snot to blow a huge bubble out your nose. It wouldn't fly across the room because due to your cold your snot is super thick, but it WOULD stick to your face. Yes. And you wouldn't be able to wipe your nose until you got to the napkin at your table. This means that your hypothetical super loud nose sneeze would draw the attention of all the people around you, and they would see the gigantic snot bubble and the aftermath of the snot-on-face. You would sniff...attempt to pretend that NEVER happened. But you would all know the truth. Then, you would have to sit there and continue to wait for your sub...surrounded by the people that just saw the entire terrible event unfold. Yes. That would be really really awkward indeed.


  1. I think I just peed myself a little. :D

  2. That TOTALLY happened to me the other day.

    OK, not really.

    But it's just the kind of thing that WOULD happen and I WOULD write about.

    And, also? That was hilarious.

  3. Uuuugggghhhh. Hope the subs were worth it :)

  4. Good thing it was hypothetical! :)

    Take care

    (You look awesome in your 25 week pics!)