Thursday, April 2, 2009

31 Weeks

Well apparently once you (or at least I) move into the 30th week of pregnancy, you can't help but think of each week with a count down attached. Every time I think, "I am 31 weeks" It is uncontrollably followed by, "only nine weeks until baby!" I can't help it. It is totally involuntary. Something about moving into the last ten weeks of this pregnancy has me really focused on...well, on the BABY GETTING HERE!

So the sweet little baby is now 16-18 inches long and is getting close to three and a half pounds. Basically there isn't a lot going on with the baby except for all that fattening up. I did notice that I think this baby has a little bit of a personal space issue because I had my arm resting on my stomach today, and I felt a strong push that basically said, "Get this thing OFF ME!" That's right. I was crowding the baby a little and the baby wasn't a fan. Then, when I went to touch right there on my stomach, it was hard as a rock, like the baby was making sure I knew this was HIS/HER he/she filled it with his entire head....or maybe his/her butt. Hard to say. Still, I have a feeling it is going to get a lot more cramped in there, so this baby has to learn share space!

As for me, I am still doing great. The baby is back to super active and moving around like crazy. This makes me happy. I missed constantly feeling the sweet baby kick and move. My MIL and SIL got to actually feel the baby this weekend, so that was exciting. Nick and I have really been enjoying sitting around and watching my stomach move too. Amazing how it doesn't get old to us...ever. I think you all are in for a lot of "look at my amazing baby's look at THIS one! And now THIS one!! Isn't it BETTER?? Because now the baby has it's hand up instead of half way up! See the difference?? See it?? Isn't he/she AMAZING???" style of blogging here at bio girl, so go ahead and get ready! Okay, now to some belly pictures....
shirt down
shirt up...for the record, I asked my doctor if he thought I seemed, like really BIG at my last appointment. He said no. Nick rolled his eyes at me for asking, but look at that belly. Nine more weeks, people!


  1. It won't be long until you two get to hold your little one.

  2. Pretty cute! You look great! And you don't seem to be carrying too high...

  3. Wow 31 weeks! Hard to believe :)

  4. Wow time is sure going by fast. You will be meeting your new little one in just a little exciting!!