Thursday, April 23, 2009

34 Weeks

And here we are at 34 weeks! Hard to believe. I started doing my research for this post (it is serious stuff...takes me about five minutes) and every site I look at for each new weeks post said the same thing. If you are worried about pre-term labor or having this baby early, you can breath a little easier. Babies born at 34 weeks and beyond typically show no signs of being premature besides a longer hospital stay. This is a huge relief. It isn't like we want this baby to come anytime soon, but with the part time work and the elevated blood pressure we do know that it is a possibility. It is reassuring to know that if they do decide we need to induce early, the baby should be fine. Huge HUGE relief.

Now, our sweet baby is doing pretty great accord to the 34 week update! He or she is now 4.75 - 5 pounds. (I KNOW) and is about 18 inches long. That is totally a BABY size. The baby is now settling in to the head down position, so looks like they hang upside down for quite a long time. Poor baby. The finger nails are now fully grown and reach the end of the baby's fingers, and the toe nails are not far behind. The babies organs are all fully mature except for the lungs, and all in all the baby is well on it's way to being born!

As for me, well from my post yesterday you can probably see that I am actually enjoying my new slower pace. I worry about making things difficult for work, but at the same time feel that my twenty hours a week are really helping and know it is just something that is out of my hands. They have all been great, and that makes it worlds easier. I am sleeping well ( I have back aches, but they aren't terrible, and I guess I just accept them at this point) and the baby is getting bigger which is leaving much less room for things like my lungs and my bladder, but all in all I am just rolling with the changes and happy that the sweet baby can stay in and keep packing on the pounds!

Now to the belly pictures...
shirt down
shirt up!


  1. Cute belly pics!!! You are adorable!

  2. You look wonderful. I love the pictures. Have a great day. That baby is growing strong.

  3. You are looking amazing! You look very close to being done! Enjoy the last of your PG and rest away as much as you can!

    Take care

  4. :) It seems like it was hardly any time ago at all I was reading about your struggles with infertility and here you are practically ready to deliver! I love it. :)