Thursday, April 16, 2009

33 Weeks

Well, we had a serious week 32! Lets keep our fingers crossed that week 33 is much more uneventful. According to the websites, our sweet baby is now up to 17 inches long and over four pounds. We actually know that our baby is bigger than that, but whatever. This weekly posting will stick with the averages. The doctor did tell me that the baby is most likely measuring big because Nick an I are both so tall. This can really throw the numbers because they calculate weight based on length. Seems like we might be having a really LOOOOONG baby. Also, as a total side note, in our ultrasound the doctor said he could see that the baby has hair!!! How amazing is that?? In my head this was a bald baby, but looks like he or she is going to take after their daddy and be born with some hair. Adorable!

As for me, despite all the weekend drama I really feel good! I never actually felt bad. Just a little dizzy and super swollen. After several days of rest my feet once again look like my feet! Oh how I have missed them! I am super rested and really feeling wonderful. This part time work thing isn't half bad!

Now to some belly pictures!

Shirt down

Shirt up


  1. You must be getting so excited for the baby! I could hardly wait in the last few weeks (and then didn't have to with the early arrivals...) Enjoy this time and any sleep you can get. I wish I had appreciated sleep more in the last few weeks!

  2. You look great. Love those belly shots.

    I always wanted a baby with hair, all three of mine were bald, and didn't get hair until they were one.

    Good Luck, can't wait to see the new-born pictures:)

  3. ok, call me crazy but I think you look much skinnier (Besides the belly) this week. Maybe resting got rid of water retention but really you look thinner.
    So happy you are feeling well and maybe a little jealous too because I wish someone would give me permission to be a couch potato

  4. Looking great! Glad everything is fine after that funky scare & that you'll get to relax a bit! Love the belly pics, you look great! :)

    Have a great time @ the wedding this weekend! And don't you have a shower this weekend, too!?

  5. Best thing about being a couch potato? Regular size feet again!!!

  6. Happy to hear all is well in your house. I loved having my feet back after I had my baby. Pics look wonderful.

  7. So nice to heat you're doing well, and that baby has hair! So cool! Oh my god, my feet & ankles have been swelling already, every day. I'm afraid of what's going to happen to my club-feet in the weeks to come.

    Do yours get so swollen that the soles of your feet feel numb, and hurt at the same time?