Monday, April 27, 2009

Little of This, Little of That

First off, I have a new review up over at Chic Shopper Chick, and it is a giveaway for a great skincare kit! Take a look if you have time and enter to win!!

Secondly, I had a wonderful time at my baby shower on Sunday! My little mommy and my aunt did an amazing job hosting and it was absolutely perfect! I got tons of great pictures, so I will do a post about that tomorrow. As of today, I am exhausted for some reason. I guess I am just recovering from working the weekend and having the shower. I also had my doctors appointment today, and ended up being there for three hours. That might have something to do with the exhaustion...

The doctors visit was interesting. I am still doing good with the old weight gain, which sorta surprised me. I feel so big all of a sudden, but I have only put on 27 pounds. Not too bad! As for my blood pressure, the top number was down, but the bottom number was up. I thought they were going to just let me go, but then he took a look at my feet and said I needed to get on the monitor for awhile. He came back and said that all looked good. He then checked my cervix to see if I was dilating. (I am not...good news. Much to early for anything like that) Then I was off for some blood work. He said as long as it comes back okay tomorrow, that he will see me in a week. All was well by the time I left, but somehow the appointment had an odd feeling considering I thought my BP seemed better.

He marked on my paperwork that I had preeclampsia, them added a note of increased BP and positive protein. These are things that were not talked about with me at all. I was sorta annoyed, but I will ask about the protein when I call for the lab results tomorrow. They haven't told me I have preecalmpsia, and if they are still letting me work, I assume it was just an insurance thing. Still, up until now it has only been called pregnancy induced hypertension, so it really surprised me. Maybe I will ask about that when I call tomorrow too... Oh well. As of now I am still able to work part time, which is awesome. I got to go to the wedding and my baby shower, both of which I really thought I would have to miss after the hospital deal. From this point on I am totally happy to sit back and relax so this sweet baby can do some more growing! Speaking of relaxing, I think it is about time for a nap...

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  1. Aww thinking of you and praying for you. You look fantastic by the way - you carry very well. I hope you enjoy every single second of being pregnant, because everything is about to change (for the better, but change nonetheless). This was the best part, but the most exhausting part, of pregnancy for me. I remember feeling Audrey's heel and seeing the outline of her entire foot on my belly once, that just amazes me. :) Sending lots of love and hugs for you and the baby.